SEVEN THORNS Album Review: “Symphony Of Shadows”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Seven Thorns are a power metal band from Denmark forming in 2007, releasing their debut album ‘Glow Of Dawn’ also in 2007, under the name 7thorns. Changing their name to Seven Thorns, the band released two more albums, ‘Return To The Past’ in 2010 and ‘II’ in 2013. The bands fourth album, in fact only their third, as 7thorns is regarded as a separate band, ‘Symphony Of Shadows’ was released in 2018.

Seven Thorns are not your normal sounding power metal band, they deliver a much darker and more moody style than both their contemporaries and peers. The opening song ‘Evil Within’ hits harder than a dozen wrecking balls in full swing and will pummel your senses to a pulp. The very heavy vibe runs throughout the forty one minutes play time and will have you banging your head hard from the off, all the way to the very end. Rolling like a steam roller, ‘Black Fortress’ relentlessly rolls on, flattening anything or anyone that stands in its way. The signature Seven Thorns sound is a unique blend of traditional heavy metal, power, hard rock and touches of the progressive. Every song is catchy and memorable for all the right reasons, with plenty to keep you hooked. Buzzing guitars and sublime keyboards working in perfect harmony, pushes ‘Ethereal (I’m Still Possessed)’ along at a foot tappingly addicitve pace, one hundred percent infectious and a very good listen. The hardness that Seven Thorns inject into every song is harder than a freshly set concrete pavement.

With a title leading the listener to believe it may be a ballad, ‘Beneath A Crescent Moon’ is far far away from ballad territory. ‘Beneath A Crescent Moon’ stands proudly in the progressive metal genre, striding on at a mid tempo pace, punching hard and kicking harder. Hard rocking and heavy hitting ‘Castaway’ doesn’t shrug off the progressive metal tendencies of the album, but what it does do, is hit so hard that you’re gonna be knocked flat on your back. ‘Castaway’ is very heavy, heavy metal, thunderous and scorching and highlights a little the traditional “foot on the monitor” style. ‘Last Goodbye’ is another title that would normally signal a ballad, but in this case, not a fucking chance… ‘Last Goodbye’ has blistering pace, galloping rhythms and borders on the thrash metal genre as it steams ahead at high velocity. Energetic and high tempo, ‘Last Goodbye’ is a definite high point of the album and a cracking song to test the flexibility of your neck muscles…get those heads moving guys and girls, this is head banging time!

‘Virtual Supremacy’ is up tempo, highly energetic and full of more force than the result of a hurricane, tornado and tsunami hitting all at once. A pushed to the limit vocal performance just adds to the force that oozes from every second of ‘Virtual Supremacy’. A cracking song that stands astride the heavy, power and progressive metal genres. ‘Shadows Prelude’ is a one minute, err, prelude to the title song ‘Symphony Of Shadows’. Building towards a crescendo, ‘Shadows Prelude’ leads into the six minutes plus thunder that is ‘Symphony Of Shadows’. Heavier hitting than anything else on offer, ‘Symphony Of Shadows’ is epic, glorious and anthemic in equal quantities. Another head bang-able offering, Seven Thorns end their latest release as it began, with those dozen wrecking balls wreaking havoc and destruction.

Overall, a thunderous and very heavy mix of the progressive and power metal genres, this is an album of hard hitting and harder kicking head bang-able heavy metal.


Evil Within
Black Fortress
Ethereal (I’m Still Possessed)
Beneath A Crescent Moon
Last Goodbye
Virtual Supremacy
Shadows Prelude
Symphony Of Shadows

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