ANCIENT REMAINS E.P. Review: “Burn It All”

“Burn It All”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Ancient Remains are a thrash metal band from Australia formed in 2019, releasing their debut E.P. ‘Burn It All’ in 2024.

Melding the sounds of thrash and metalcore with a substantial amount of groove, Ancient Remains pummel listeners for fifteen, very heavy minutes – the bands debut release featuring four, fiery songs! First up is the title song ‘Burn It All’ – opening to a background of sinister sound effects, building a minute long crescendo ’til a raw, fairly brutal groove metal riff slices the airways in half! ‘Burn It All’ (the song) is heavier than Osmium – “the heaviest single thing presently existing on Earth” – the band foot stomping across the land, bulldozing out of their way everything and everyone standing in front of them! What a crushing opening salvo…

…Ancient Remains picking up the pace to canter on with ‘CTFO’ – “chill the fuck out” – a pulsating groove metaller full of angst, aggression and menace! The head bang ability of ‘CTFO’ is immense, the coming together of thrash, groove and metalcore, a mix that’s gonna attract a very wide array of listeners, the Australian outfit proudly straddling a few different metal genres. And the aggressively titled ‘Get Right Out (Of My Face)’ is actually, the most aggressive song on the E.P. featuring the iconic guitar tone of the NWOBHM evolution – the band bringing a touch of traditional heavy metal to the fore. And the chant style chorus is gonna be venomously sung by everyone everywhere!

The fourth and final song on offer ‘Live Your Life’, is the shortest at just two minutes in length – and also the fastest! The blistering pace outstrips everything else by a huge margin, the band roaring louder than ever to present the head bangers of the world with an opportunity to furiously head bang. And head bang they will too, for ‘Live Your Life’ is so damn fucking infectious!

Overall, an aggression fuelled and menacing stomp, Ancient Remains deliver a blend of thrash, metalcore, and traditional heavy metal.


Burn It All
Get Right Out (Of My Face)
Live Your Life

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