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KING ZEBRA Album Review: “Between The Shadows”

KING ZEBRA“Between The Shadows”Album Review by Iron Mathew 10/10 King Zebra are a hard rock band from Switzerland formed in 2012, releasing their debut album ‘Greatest Hits’ in 2013, with sophomore album ‘Wild! Wild! Wild!’ a 2015 release. The band...
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ABOUT US Album Review: “Take A Piece”

ABOUT US“Take A Piece”Album Review by Iron Mathew 10/10 About Us are a hard rock band from India formed in 2019, releasing their debut album ‘About Us’ in 2022, and sophomore album ‘Take A Piece’ in 2024… …just a mere...
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CRIPPLED FINGERS Album Review: “Through The Pain”

CRIPPLED FINGERS“Through The Pain”Album Review by Iron Mathew 9.5/10 Crippled Fingers are a thrash metal band from the Czech Republic formed in 2011, releasing three full length albums to date – ‘Mass Of Terror’ (2016), ‘Warzone’ (2019) and ‘Through The...
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