AVALAND Album Review: “The Legend Of The Storyteller”

“The Legend Of The Storyteller”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Avaland are a symphonic power metal band from France formed in 2018, releasing their debut album ‘Theater Of Sorcery’ in 2021, and sophomore album ‘The Legend Of The Storyteller’ in 2023.

Led by author, composer, and lead singer Adrien G. Gzagg, Avaland return for their second theatrical tale of fantasy, mythology, alchemy and esoterism – ‘The Legend Of The Storyteller’ a prequel to the bands first album. The new album, is an incredible twelve songs over an even more incredible sixty minutes – featuring a number of guest vocalists alongside the bands main singers Gzagg and guitarist Jeff Kanji. There’s Circle II Circle singer Zak Stevens, Madie (Faith In Agony), Cara (Eltharia), Ivan Castelli (LionSoul), and Angele Macabies (Lands Of Past). Avaland (the band) are completed by Lucas Martinez (guitar), Camille Souffron (bass), and Leo Mouchonay (drums) – so with a vast line-up assembled, let’s waste no more time, and delve right into ‘The Legend Of The Storyteller’…

…which is brought to life with the two minute, highly atmospheric and enchanting ‘The Vision’, leading straight into album opener proper ‘Crimson Tyranny’. And a majestic swagger of head held high and epic symphonic metal – a mid tempo stroll of power and authority setting a theatrical atmosphere of tension and awe. The different singers on show plant a different slant on the bands sound, and with many guest singers to come, the perspective of the bands sound will certainly be interesting! ‘Insurrection’ brings a more punchy pop power metal feel to the album, the band hitting hard and kicking harder! And as a teenager during the glorious eighties for music evolution as a whole – I can hear the little hint of the eighties pop sound sewn into ‘Insurrection’s framework! The band definitely reaching into a number of different genres to attract a very wide audience.

The majestic swagger is in full bloom now, the album marching on with ‘To Be The King’, and a bolder nature than either of the two previous songs. Avaland have created a sound all their own, melding symphonic, power, and traditional metal with pop! Add an infectious texture to grab the attention of every listener, fan and follower from all around the world – and everyone’s hooked! Continuing to broaden their musical horizons, the band bring balladry to the fore, along with a serene hymn-like feel for ‘Secret Night’ – a slow wander of (female) angelic and (male) soulful vocals lifting the song high in the air. And by contrast, ‘Kingslayer’ is punchy with a little crunch, mixing hard rock traits with symphonic power pop metal. And the anthemic chorus is gonna get everyone singing along, the band creating an in concert sing a long moment for sure!

Introducing a heavier feel than heard anywhere previously, ‘The Gift’ even features a more brash, almost arrogant nature, reaching out with force, grabbing tightly the attention of every listener. Avaland may be in meaner mood here, yet still manage to retain the albums overall majestic swagger and power metal roots! Such diversity is incredible, inviting a very wide audience into the Avaland soundscape – ‘Out Of The Fog’ returning the serene atmosphere of earlier. And a real float high in the sky where only angles reside feeling – soaring vocals accompanying the crescendo of symphonic power metal music. And what a chorus too! The melodious intent and choir feel is phenomenal! With more pace than any other song heard so far, ‘Betrayers’ races out of the blocks, eventually settling into a mid paced groove. The band continue to change gears as ‘Betrayers’ powers on, switching tempo and feel, the mix of different singers bringing an eclectic backdrop to the fore.

Avaland keep the pace high for ‘Madness Of The Wise’, rampaging forth with a massive amount of energy, displaying a more traditional power metal feel, continually switching from mid to high tempo across its five minute runtime. ‘The Legend Of The Storyteller’ has been an addictive listen since it began, holding listeners – and my – attention every step of the way! And with only two songs left to go, the addictiveness is as strong now as it has ever been, the album moving on with the mellow ‘You’ll Be The Legend’ – a heavily keyboard led stroll of serenity and soulful vocals! And the change towards the end – just wow! Avaland bring an end to an incredible album with the ten minutes plus ‘Lies’, an engaging journey of everything the band have in their arsenal. ‘Lies’ has it all, so just sit back and take it all in. And for greater effect, listen to ‘Lies’ in the dark at high volume – it’s amazing!

Overall, a fantastical and majestic march of symphonic power metal, ‘The Legend Of The Storyteller’ is a theatrical masterpiece.


The Vision
Crimson Tyranny
To Be The King
Secret Night
The Gift
Out Of The Fog
Madness Of The Wise
You’ll Be The Legend


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