AVENGER Boxed Set Review: “Steel On Steel – The Complete Avenger Recordings”

“Steel On Steel – The Complete Avenger Recordings”
Boxed Set Review by Iron Mathew


Avenger are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 1982 right at the start of the legendary NWOBHM evolution, releasing two albums in quick succession during the mid eighties – ‘Blood Sports’ (1984) and ‘Killer Elite’ (1985). The band broke up soon after, reforming in 2005, with third album ‘The Slaughter Never Stops’ emerging in 2014.

Founded by Gary Young (drums), Mick Moore (bass), and Brian Ross (vocals) following the dissolution of their previous band Blitzkrieg, Avenger have endured line-up changes aplenty, along with a slight name change in 2007 – the band now known as Avenger UK due to a number of other Avenger named bands.

The forty four song, three disc boxed set ‘Steel On Steel – The Complete Avenger Recordings’ released in 2024, is gonna make every traditional heavy metal fan drool, Avenger just one of many bands that helped shape the sound of heavy metal during it’s formative years – the bands sound standing tall and very proud at the heavier end of the heavy metal genre.

Along with the bands first two albums ‘Blood Sports’ and ‘Killer Elite’, the set also includes Avenger’s live performance at L’Amour’s, Brooklyn, recorded during the bands 1986 tour in America. There’s also bonus tracks, demo’s, and previously unreleased songs to enjoy, as well as a new extensive interview with Mick Moore, who also provided many unseen photos from his personal archive.

Overall, a fabulous boxed set chronicling the early years of Avenger, complete with bonus songs and previously unreleased material.


Blood Sports
Killer Elite
Live At L’Amour, Brooklyn


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