BAD BONES Album Review: “Hasta El Final!”

“Hasta El Final!”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Bad Bones are a hard rock band from Italy formed in 2007, releasing six albums to date – ‘Small Town Brawlers’ (2009), ‘A Family Affair’ (2010), ‘Snakes And Bones’ (2012), ‘Demolition Derby’ (2016), ‘High Rollers’ (2018), and ‘Hasta El Final!’ released in 2023…

…featuring eight songs of high energy hard rock, infused with the heavy hitting nature of heavy metal – the album a raucous romp of rock and roll! There’s plenty of old school on show, but also enough modern day elements to keep the younger fans happy too! The album is brought to life with the hunger fuelled and frisky ‘Bandits’ – an all out gallop of fast and fierce rock come metal. The band are fired up and sizzling hot, ‘Bandits’ roaring like an open fire, is simply a belter of an album opener! Much more metal too than rock! And after such a barnstorming start, where do you go next? Nowhere – you just remain in the zone and deliver another incredible song! ‘Behind The Liar’s Eyes’ maintains the albums barnstorming start, injecting a little more bombast and punch, Bad Bones bringing a rockier feel to ‘Hasta El Final!’. And why not – they are a hard rock band after all!

And a very heavy hitting hard rock band to boot, full of grit and a demonic attitude to raucous rock and roll – ‘Rattlesnake’ swinging in from Southern rock country with a spectacular sing a long chorus. Every listener is gonna be singing to this one, with every concert goer giving it their all too – as long as Bad Bones perform this one live! Please! And it would seem the band are getting rockier the longer the album goes on – ‘Wanderers & Saints’ coming at you firmly and squarely from the hard rock genre. And everything great about hard rock is encapsulated within ‘Wanderers & Saints’ – the band delivering a belter of a song. But then they’ve all been belters so far – ‘Sand On My Teeth’ maintaining that trend, returning the Southern rock flavour too! And with a more muscular feel – Bad Bones thunder stomping heavily as ‘Sand On My Teeth’ plays out.

A surprisingly heavy hard rock album, ‘Hasta El Final!’ has taken me a little by surprise – but in a very good way, the band marching on with a party feel courtesy of the up tempo ‘Liberated’. Highly energetic and frisky, ‘Liberated’ is smile inducing and will have every listener smiling from ear to ear – many listeners already smiling right from the albums incredible start! Hitting harder than everything heard so far, ‘To Kill Somebody’ is kinda frenetic, adopting metals old school “foot on the monitor” feel along with the iconic gallop. And while Bad Bones are not a metal band, many of their songs are metal edged! The album comes to a close with the party anthem ‘Home’ – and a modern day rock album ends without a single ballad in sight! ‘Home’ is full of energy and an infectious level that’s off the charts! What a great way to end the album.

Overall, a heavy hitting album of infectious hard rock, ‘Hasta El Final!’ is a metal edged cracker.


Behind The Liar’s Eyes
Wanderers & Saints
Sand On My Teeth
To Kill Somebody

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