Black Hole Album Review: “Lost World”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Black Hole are a progressive heavy metal band from France, formed in 1995, releasing the ‘Victim Of Illusion’ demo in 2000. A second demo, ‘Children Of The Sun’ followed in 2008, with the bands first official release, a 2016 two song teaser, to promote the new album, which is scheduled for release in 2018.

Black Hole are a band from France, with their sound having a number of international influences. The melodic hard rock of The Scorpions (Germany), the majestic mid tempo power metal of The Sanity Days (UK) and the eighties era American power metal of Twisted Sister (USA). Add a vocal sound that is a mix of Klaus Meine (The Scorpions), David Coverdale (Whitesnake) and the legend Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath/Dio/Heaven And Hell) and there you have the signature sound that Black Hole portray. A big build up you might think, but take a listen and you’ll hear what I mean, a line here, a chorus break there, the comparisons are plain to hear across the albums fifty minute duration.

Thundering into life, the album is quickly into its stride with the heavy hitting ‘Better Days’. Full of bluff and bluster, ‘Better Days’ is a solid romp of melodic catchiness, with an infectious chorus that is one hundred percent sing a long able. ‘No More Hope’ trots close to the AOR border as it raucously strides on, Black Hole delivering an addictive groove that, if you weren’t hooked by the opening song, you will be now. ‘Help Me’ is an up tempo rocker that will raise the adrenalin levels as it romps on by, more heavy metal than the opening two songs. An anthemic style chorus adds to the songs catchiness and will have fans everywhere singing along in unison. A much more mellower opening greets the listener as ‘Save Your Dreams’ gets underway and glides on by. With its heavier groove, ‘Save Your Dreams’ is a thundering romp that is both a foot stomper and a head nodder. At almost the half way point of the album, am unable to stop listening. The addictiveness has me hooked and with so many influences by bands that I grew up listening to, this is becoming a pleasurable, almost reminiscent style listen, remembering moments of my past as each song brings forth new memories.

Epic and glorious, ‘Forever With Us’ is a power ballad of immense passion and emotion. Swaying from side to side is a must as ‘Forever With Us’ builds tension, cruising to a crescendo as it turns into a heavy foot stomp. A definite highlight of the album. The title song ‘Lost World’ is a bustling foray of raucous rhythms and buzzing guitars, highlighting the NWOBHM in all its glory. Every song on the album is infectious, with chorus breaks that are addictive and memorable for all the right reasons. ‘Carved In You’ takes a turn towards a much heavier style of melodic metal, with its thumping rhythm hitting as hard as a heavyweight boxing champion. The epic style returns as ‘Change Your Life’ lurches forward with the foot tapping addictiveness that Black Hole inject into every song they deliver. Smile inducing, ‘Change Your Life’ is catchy as hell and has the most sing a long able style chorus of any song on offer. Chugging relentlessly, ‘The Cell’ shudders the ground as it marches on and on. A hustle and bustle type of song, ‘The Cell’ is heavy and thunderous. The final act on the album is a climactic one, as ‘The One’ emphatically stands head and shoulders above everything that has gone before. Full of so much passion and emotion, ‘The One’ is cinematic in its delivery, and is an intense and epic “wow” moment. ‘The One’ is a glorious song and a sparkling way to bring the curtain down on the French metallers debut album.

Overall, catchy and infectious heavy metal, incorporating elements of the power, epic and glory genres to deliver a feel good album that will plant big smiles on fans faces.


Better Days
No More Hope
Help Me
Save Your Dreams
Forever With Us
Lost World
Carved In You
Change Your Life
The Cell
The One

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