CHAMELION Album Review: “Legends & Lores”

“Legends & Lores”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Chamelion are a power metal band from Finland founded by keyboardist Marco Sneck, the band releasing their debut album ‘Legends & Lores’ in 2023…

…featuring symphonic fantasy power metal combined with classical music, including choir, renaissance, and baroque elements. The band has undergone some line-up changes over the years, solidifying for the album with Sneck at the helm, Tomi Viiltola (vocals), Jari Satta (guitar), Jukka Jokikokko (bass), and Janne Kusmin (drums). Lyrically, the album explores heroes, elves, and magical quests across fifty five minutes of elegant power metal. The ten song concept album tells a story – a story that’s meant to be listened to in order from song one to (song) ten, as all the songs on offer are entwined. So come join me readers, and revel in the “fantasy metal” of Finnish metallers Chamelion – the band building the anticipation level with the two minute intro ‘The Conquest’. The knee trembling, spine tingling tension is climactic, the band reeling listeners in with an insane amount of magnetism.

And then, with a spectacular change of pace, ‘Hero’s Tale’ comes flying outta the blocks, the familiar sound of symphonic power metal rising high in the air – but with tonnes more majesty and elegance! The band are at maximum velocity here, changing through the gears to deliver a pace varying power metaller with immense purpose and intent, ‘Hero’s Tale’ standing tall and very proud – the majestic swagger an incredible sound that just melts my heart! Speed remains high as ‘The Shadowleader’ storms over the horizon and races on, the level of head bang ability going through the fucking roof! The opening double salvo has been nothing short of barnstorming, Chamelion firing on all cylinders to deliver a breathless brace of power metal heaven. The amount of majesty the band ooze is phenomenal, every song heard so far – and bear in mind it’s only been two – features an incredible regal feel with tonnes of magnificence! And I have a gut feeling that feel is gonna remain ’til the albums end – ‘Faith & Steel’ adopting a more anthemic aura than either of the two previous songs, surging on with poise and grandeur. Chamelion are impressing greatly with their debut album – and we’re only a third of the way through!

An anthemic and hymn-like precision descends upon ‘Legends & Lores’ in the mighty shape of ‘The Quest’, taking elegance and majesty to a whole new level – the band standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of HammerFall, Powerwolf, and Sabaton in terms of grace and style. And with no let up in sheer oomph and oof, the album roars on with the all out speedster ‘The Demonic Creatures Of The Night’, racing with the speed of light to see who is faster! And I reckon it’s gonna be ‘The Demonic Creatures Of The Night’ – its pace and power sending chills of excitement down the spine of every single listener! And with a title that the gods of anthemic power metal Manowar would be proud of, ‘The Hammer Of The Gods Might’ maintains the albums incredible magnificence, the band accelerating hard to deliver the highest level of head bang ability heard so far!

‘Legends & Lores’ has been a stunning listen since it began with every song that passes by better than the last – that trend maintained with the mellow power balladry of ‘The Keeper Of The Heart’. And as regular readers already know, my stance on ballads appearing on metal albums is normally a no no – with a few notable exceptions! And in the presence of Chamelion, I’m gonna make another exception – ‘The Keeper Of The Heart’ oozing a hymn-like aura, perfectly blended with ballad serenity. So listeners, fans, followers and every reader, raise your lighters high to salute a moment of magic – the band doubling the magic with a second dose of balladry, ‘The Valley Of The Kings’ maintaining the incredible feel and vibe of the previous song.

The storytelling nature of ‘Legends & Lores’ has been amazing, the album a “can’t stop listening to” journey of exhilaration and tension. And to end it all, the band deliver a show stopping finale in the immense shape of the ten minutes plus final hurrah ‘Glorious Dawn’ – a song that showcases everything the band have in their arsenal. If it’s atmosphere you want – you’ve got it! The band are unnaturally elegant and majestic here, delivering an album ender to better some of the great album enders from metal masters Iron Maiden, who are undoubtedly synonymous with epically long songs. Welcome to the world of Chamelion, a welcoming and wonderful world of magnificent metal!

Overall, a stunning display of power metal majesty, ‘Legends & Lores’ is immensely infectious with a marvellous utopian feel.


The Conquest
Hero’s Tale
The Shadowleader
Faith And Steel
The Quest
The Demonic Creatures Of The Night
The Hammer Of The Gods´ Might
The Keeper Of The Heart
The Valley Of The Kings
Glorious Dawn

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