CRIPPLED FINGERS Album Review: “Through The Pain”

“Through The Pain”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Crippled Fingers are a thrash metal band from the Czech Republic formed in 2011, releasing three full length albums to date – ‘Mass Of Terror’ (2016), ‘Warzone’ (2019) and ‘Through The Pain’ (2024).

If you’re a fan of the uncompromising style of savage thrash by bands such as Exorcizphobia, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, and Sepultura, then the four-piece metal machine Crippled Fingers, is gonna be right up your street! Hailing from Prague, the brutal thrashers have played countless concerts across the Czech Republic and abroad, performed at numerous metal festivals such as Brutal Assault and Fajtfest, and supported the likes of Guilt Trip, Pro-Pain and Worst to name just a few! The hard working band are also booked to perform at the 2024 Czech Death Fest and Fury Over Prague festivals too – the bands new album ‘Through The Pain’ a nine song barrage of brutality to test your head banging prowess to its limits! And beyond! For Crippled Fingers are in devastating form, hitting the ground running with (album) opener ‘Torch’ – quickly into its stride with aggressive vocals, ‘Torch’ is an immediate like that’s gonna wake up every mosh pit around the world! Crippled Fingers change gear and tempo throughout ‘Torch’, delivering immense head bang ability along the way!

And from such a red hot opening gambit, ‘Through The Pain’ gets even hotter with the groove led ‘Soul Decay’, smashing its way through towns and cities obliterating everything standing in its way! There’s just no escaping the bands savage nature, absolutely nowhere is safe from Crippled Fingers all conquering brutality – brutality that remains front and centre as the album storms on with all out aggression courtesy of ‘One In A Million’. Hitting harder than a hundred wrecking balls in full flight, ‘One In A Million’ maintains the bands incredible mix of groove, thrash and death metal, the Czech outfit catering to a very wide array of listeners! And don’t worry readers, ‘Moshpit Killing Machine’ won’t actually kill mosh pits – it’ll send them into fucking overdrive with a vicious onslaught of high speed thrash! And for the first time, Crippled Fingers let all hell break loose, the level of head bang ability rising higher than ever!

‘Die Where You Stand’ (featuring guest vocalist Thiago from Brazilian hardcore heavyweight band Worst) is a searing rampage of all out savagery with a menacing vocal display! If anyone’s faint of heart or suffers from a weak disposition, then this album definitely ain’t for you – the in your face attitude unforgiving and overpowering! Crippled Fingers are a relentless thrash metal machine, flattening everything and everyone foolish enough to stand in their way, ‘Born In Failure’ continuing the albums belting barrage of savagery! ‘Born In Failure’ is rough, tough and gruff, taking no fucking prisoners in its quest to ravage the land to leave only desolation in its wake! Is there no end to the savagery on offer?

Apparently not, for ‘Stitches’ turns the heat way up, setting a blistering pace as it storms on wreaking total havoc among the metal community – a community that’s absolutely loving ‘Through The Pain’. Especially the diehard head bangers – their heads rocking back and forth with extreme vigour! Vigour that gets even more vigorous as ‘Out Of Time’ explodes into life with the fastest passage heard so far, settling into a mid paced foot stomper with a tonne of groove! The band change gears and tempo throughout ‘Out Of Time’ crushing skulls and breaking bones with immense force – every thrasher everywhere working through the pain to reach the albums final hurrah ‘Bigger Than God’, bringing ‘Through The Pain’ to an end with just as much menace and aggression as heard everywhere else on the album. Albeit at the fastest pace, Crippled Fingers delivering a finale worthy of every metalheads head banging prowess.

Overall, a barrage of savagery to test everyone’s endurance, ‘Through The Pain’ is aggressive, brutal and head bang-able to the max.


Soul Decay
One In A Million
Moshpit Killing Machine
Die Where You Stand
Born In Failure
Out Of Time
Bigger Than God

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