DREAMYTH Album Review: “Aletheia”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Dreamyth are a melodic power metal band from Spain formed in 2020 by guitarist and composer Adrian Carrero (Crusade Of Bards) and drummer David Macarrilla. The bands name is a meld of the words “dream” and “myth” – “a new world beyond imagination where its myths and legends are real” confirms the band. Dreamyth have a dual vocal attack, courtesy of singers Andrea Carrero and Dani G – not to mention the array of guest vocalists… Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Radiant, Sonic Haven, ex Sinbreed), and Eduardo Guillo (Crusade Of Bards, Sun Of The Dying).

The bands debut album ‘Aletheia’ was released in 2023 and features eleven songs across fifty hard and heavy minutes, melding together power, and symphonic metal elements to great effect! Breathing life into the album, ‘Creatio Ex Nihilo’ is a one minute atmospheric building and spoken word intro leading straight into album opener ‘Odyssey’, and a heavy hitting dual vocal attack of immense proportions. The mix of vocal styles works very well alongside the backdrop of symphonically tinged power metal. An immediate sit up and take notice opening salvo, the album roars on with the title song ‘Aletheia’, featuring the unmistakeable melodic vocal prowess of Herbie Langhans. Planting a different spin on the bands sound, ‘Aletheia’ (the song) is a power metal rampage of pace and energetic fizz! Not to mention the head bang ability too!

All pace and power is dropped in favour of a more mellow approach, the first fifty seconds or so of ‘In This Nightmare’ sending shivers down the spine, heading the listener in the direction of ballad territory. Only for thunder and lightning to strike and divert ‘In This Nightmare’ into a melodic mid tempo foot stomp! Mellowness still returns though, the style switching is empathic in its effect, resulting in a majestic swagger not heard so far. And with a phenomenal old school sounding guitar riff, ‘The Curse Of The Erinyes’ takes off at the traditional pace you’d associate with classic European power metal. The sound is unmistakeable, as the band roar forth, actually toeing the symphonic power metal line as ‘The Curse Of The Erinyes’ stretches its legs and canters to a conclusion.

One of the most influential power metal vocalists over the last thirty years Ralf Scheepers, makes his legendary voice heard during the six minutes plus ‘Dreamland’ – a fast and furious attack of infectious and highly majestic metal. The pace, power, and intensity of the album since it began has been incredible, Dreamyth pounding the ground with a brand of power metal that is gonna appeal to fans all over the world. Although, for some fans, having so many guest vocalists does detract from the true identity of a band – I guess every one has their opinion! And at over seven minutes in length, ‘Firelove’ is the longest song on offer, and brings with it a more traditional metal flavour than heard anywhere else. The massive melodious feel is matched by an extremely high infectious level, the band delivering the goods in abundance.

Heading towards ballad territory once more, ‘Fairytale’ displays acoustic guitar and angelic vocals, encouraging listeners to raise lighters high in the air and sway from side to side. An act I would also encourage, for ‘Fairytale’ remains embedded in balladry from start to finish. On the other hand, ‘My Delight’ is a weighty tirade of pulsating heavy metal, before assuming a progressive nature as it gets going proper. Dreamyth have galloped around the genres of heavy, power, and symphonic metal all album long, and have now spread their wings even further! ‘Down To The Moon’ returns electrifying pace to the album, hammering hard and swinging harder – everything great about symphonic power metal rising to the surface. Apart from one breather, every song on offer has displayed a full on intensity and heaviness to place ‘Aletheia’ (the album) firmly in-between the power, and heavy metal genres, with a slight tilt in the direction of symphonic metal. Bringing the album to a close is the two and a half minute outro ‘In Aeternum’ – much more atmospheric than the (albums) intro, proceeding to act as a warm down from the punishing power and pace of the last fifty minutes!

Overall, an enigmatic mix of metal styles, spanning the heavy, power, symphonic and progressive genres of metal music.


Creatio Ex Nihilo (intro)
In This Nightmare
The Curse Of The Erinyes
My Delight
Down To The Moon
In Aeternum (outro)


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