EMERALD EYE Album Review: “Night Without Day”

“Night Without Day”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Emerald Eye are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2019, releasing the two song E.P. ‘Demo 2021’ in 2021, and debut full length album ‘Night Without Day’ in 2024…

…featuring seven songs across forty minutes – that’s forty minutes featuring elements of hard rock, power and speed metal, alongside the bands heavy metal roots. Emerald Eye are now a five-piece band, expanding from the foursome three years ago to a fivesome with a twin guitar attack – the current line-up consisting of vocalist Brett Scott, bassist Nick Poffinbarger, drummer Nolan Weber, and guitarists Vinnie Lee Camarillo and Christopher Ashlock. And if you’re a fan of bands as diverse as Dio, Queensryche or Rush, you’re gonna find something on ‘Night Without Day’ to peak your interest – ‘Tabula Viridis’ a two minute tension fuelled instrumental building one helluva dramatic atmosphere for album opener proper ‘Winged Woman’.

Quickly into its stride, ‘Winged Woman’ never looks back as it storms forth planting its feet firmly on the old school metal monitor, crushing everything and everyone standing in its way! The five-piece from Missouri wholeheartedly embrace the iconic gallop of traditional heavy metal, every listener, fan and follower around the world smiling from ear to ear to salute a classic metal sound. Picking up the pace, ‘Silken Throne’ moves the album up a couple of gears, Emerald Eye increasing the levels of speed, energy and head bang ability to maximum – every metalheads fists rising high to punch the air in pure delight! A full on and power driven brace, ‘Night Without Day’ maintains its phenomenal old school feel with the more mid tempo, mid paced ‘Revenge Of The Being’. The bold yet majestic manner with which Emerald Eye stride forth is a little anthemic, the band remaining steadfast right in the heart of heavy metal territory.

‘Whirlwind’ whips up a storm, the band galloping on like it’s the nineteen eighties all over again, when the likes of Iron Maiden brought to the fore the now famous “galloping style” of heavy metal – a style that, quite possibly, every single metal band since has taken to heart! And just as well too, for the gallop is so damn infectious and head bangingly addictive, I just don’t know where heavy metal would be without it! ‘Feast And Famine’ enters the fray and brings with it a more hustle and bustle feel, along with an urgency reflected in the pace of ‘Feast And Famine’ – the band hitting the gas hard to roar down the freeway at high speed! ‘Night Without Day’ is brought to a close by the longest song on offer ‘Hellstar’, clocking in at over nine minutes in length! And what a nine minutes – there’s pace, atmosphere, elegance and majesty, Emerald Eye running the gamut of heavy metal to deliver a glorious end to their debut full length album.

Overall, forty feisty minutes of foot on the monitor heavy metal, immensely infectious and a hundred percent head bang-able.


Tabula Viridis
Winged Woman
Silken Throne
Revenge Of The Being
Feast And Famine


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