FEAR THE FATE E.P. Review: “Fight The Fear”

“Fight The Fear”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Fear The Fate are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2023 by guitarist Ivan Castro (Enemy Awake, ex Eterno) and singer Belinda Blomqvist – ‘Fight The Fear’ the bands debut E.P. released later the same year…

…featuring four songs in just sixteen minutes! Sixteen minutes that boasts a doom heavy sound similar to icons Black Sabbath, mixed with a little of the menace Angel Witch showed on their 1980 self titled debut album. Hailing from Stockholm, Fear The Fate deliver a fresh twist on the traditional sound of Swedish heavy metal – the band bringing mid tempo heaviness to the fore with tonnes of groove and a razor sharp melodic edge! Title song ‘Fight The Fear’ opens the E.P. with a bold mid tempo swagger, blending together elements of doom, hard rock and heavy metal – a blend that’s gonna open up the bands music to a very wide audience. The melodious and immensely infectious nature of ‘Fight The Fear’ (the song) will have listeners hooked from the off, the Swedish metallers getting their career underway with a glorious old school yet modern feel.

And keeping the mid tempo swagger going, ‘My Time’ takes a slightly more groove metal path than ‘Fight The Fear’ (the song), Fear The Fate a little moodier and a lot more menacing! The plodding, purposeful metal stroll is immense, the ground shuddering under the weight of two doom heavy songs – best grab hold of something to steady yourself as the band maintain their steam roller approach to heavy metal with ‘Behind The Mask’, actually increasing the groove from the two previous songs! And although all three songs heard so far have been in the areas of doom and groove, you can still hear the bands traditional, old school heavy metal roots.

The fourth and final song on the E.P. ‘Pointing At Me’, is the most up tempo on offer, featuring the biggest swagger too, the band bringing to the fore the bouncy and bombastic nature of Southern rock! Yes readers, Fear The Fate are metallizing Southern rock, adding groove and doom to produce one helluva fresh take on a forty to fifty year old sound! ‘Fight The Fear’ E.P. offers so much to so many it’s a little difficult to pigeon hole the band into just the one genre of metal – the banner of “heavy metal” an all consuming title that’ll just have to do!

Overall, a four song stroll of doom heavy groove metal with tonnes of old school flavour to please a very wide array of metallers.


Fight The Fear
My Time
Behind The Mask
Pointing At Me


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