Gozu Interview with Metal Gods TV

Stacey Fawcett caught up with Marc Gaffney from Gozu for an email based interview:


Hello, I’m Stacey from Metal Gods TV, how are you today?

I am well thanks.

How old were you when you started listening to rock and metal music?

I was young, I had Back In Black in 2nd grade as all the older guys in my neighbourhood loved AC/DC and Van Halen.

What/who inspired you to become musicians?

I think my inspiration came from so many people. Music in general is the biggest inspiration in my life, besides my kids.

When you were writing the songs for this album, what was the process like for you?

The lyrics were the easiest and yet crippling I have ever written. They  flowed out of my hand onto the paper.

What four things would you like an audience member to take away from a Gozu gig?

You hope that people enjoy the whole experience and the songs relate to them. They felt something during the performance and enjoyed the whole of it.

What is your least favourite popular metal song?

I have no idea to be honest. If I do not enjoy something, I tend not to listen to it.

Is there any advice you would give to those who have just formed/started their first metal band?

Be in a band with people you enjoy making music with. If you are not surrounded by people with the same attitude or mind set, you are essentially fucked.

What would be your dream gig destination?


And now for some less musical questions…

What super power would you choose, and why?

Hold my breathe under water as I love to swim.

What food item would you have on your stage rider at a festival?

A nice salad and bottle of red wine.

What is your favourite Disney film?

Snow White.

And finally, is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

I hope people enjoy the album, it is honest and not taken for granted at all. Enjoy what you do and the fruits of your labour will taste that much better.



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