HEAR ‘N NOW Single Review: “No Road To Ruin”

Single Review by Iron Mathew


Hear ‘N Now are an American based heavy metal coalition, featuring the talents of many of the worlds metal and rock artists, such as Steve Grimmett (from Grim Reaper), Patrick Kennison (of Lita Ford), Chris Natalini (from Blood Feast), Ed Mischke (of Veronica “The V” Freeman), and Alex Olivetti (from Threatpoint).

These artists have come together to record an all new, original song, to bring music and hope back to the forefront while raising awareness for, and thanks to those who have been working countless hours to keep our world healthy and well, during these unprecedented times of a worldwide pandemic that has changed our way of lives forever.

The single ‘No Road To Ruin’ was written and produced by Mick Michaels (guitarist for Corners Of Sanctuary) and was released in May 2020. Keep It Metal Promotions have partnered with record label Heaven And Hell Records to release the single, via download from the label’s Bandcamp platform. And while the download is available for free, listeners will be able to contribute a donation, which will benefit The Center For Disaster.

So what of the single? ‘No Road To Ruin’ features very much an “old school” sound, paying homage to the glorious eighties and the iconic NWOBHM evolution. Lyrically, it is very powerful, with the chorus a sing a long style anthemic chant “no road to ruin” – a kind of battle cry, to say we’re not gonna be beaten, and we will get through this.

Overall, a great initiative, featuring many stars of the metal and rock world, all pulling together for a singular cause – ‘No Road To Ruin’ awarded a ten out of ten rating; as much for the initiative as well as the music.


No Road To Ruin


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