Immortal Guardian Album Review: “Age Of Revolution”

Album Review by Piers Renfree


Immortal Guardian are a four piece band that hail from Austin, Texas in the USA.

To date they have released two E.P.s “Super Metal” and “Revolution pt 1”; have worked with Tribe Of Gypsys mainman and metal producer Roy Z, shared stages with Judas Priest, Steve Vai, Slayer, DragonForce, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Metal Church and Symphony X. They have also played in Russia and completed a headline tour of Brazil.

This is the first album from the band Carlos Zema – vocals, Gabriel Guardian – guitar and keyboards, Cody Gilliand – drums and Thad Stevens – bass.

The album, ten songs in 48:30, opens with “Excitaire”, a short, instrumental, of piano, keyboards and acoustic guitar, which introduces an epic sounding mix of power metal, thrash metal and Dragonforce-esque guitars with seven of the ten songs being fast paced.

The eighth song “Fall” is a nice, slow paced song, that adds Spanish Guitars into the mix and the tenth song “Awake” is a very epic slow-mid paced song that builds brilliantly.

The musicians are great and have honed their craft. The vocals go from clean, to screaming to grunting/growling and there are some sing-along choruses here too.

All in all, this is a fantastic debut from Immortal Guardian and hopefully, we shall be hearing more from them.


1 Excitaire
2 Zephon
3 Aeolian
4 Trail Of Tears
5 Never To Return
6 Stardust
7 Hunters
8 Fall
9 State Of Emergancy
10 Awake

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