INCULTER Album Review: “Morbid Origin”

“Morbid Origin”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Inculter are a thrash metal band from Norway formed in 2012, releasing their debut E.P. ‘Stygian Deluge’ in 2013. Shunning the country’s penchant for black metal music, Inculter have opted for thrash, a kind of blackened thrash – fast, fierce and raw! To date the band have released three full length albums – ‘Persisting Devolution’ (2015), ‘Fatal Visions’ (2019), and ‘Morbid Origin’ (2023).

Combining speed and aggression, Inculter deliver the nine songs on offer in forty eight ferocious minutes, the band an unforgiving thrash metal machine – imagine if you will Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator and early Metallica! But much rawer and savage! The Norwegian outfit from Fusa are red hot, firing on all cylinders as ‘Morbid Origin’ begins with the one and a half minute instrumental intro (err) ‘Intro’ – building a mellow and serene atmosphere until bish bash bosh, ‘Death Reigns’ hurtles in at a hundred miles an hour, shoving listeners outta the way with tremendous force! Decimating everything and everyone in front of them, Inculter are a raging tsunami of thrash, passing by at incredible speed, violently banging the heads of every listener, fan and follower. What an absolutely barnstorming opener – the band powering on with the menacing ‘Age Of Reprisal’. Featuring a strong ‘South Of Heaven’ era Slayer feel, ‘Age Of Reprisal’ is a mean and moody march of mid tempo thrash, the kind o’ thrash that if everyone around the world stamped their feet, planet Earth would shift off its axis! Yes readers, the force oozing out of ‘Age Of Reprisal’ is that fucking powerful!

And with a distinct traditional metal feel, ‘Chained To The Void’ plants one “foot on the monitor” – the other firmly rooted in the thrash metal genre. Inculter spread themselves across the heavy metal, thrash metal border to make ‘Chained To The Void’ attractive to both metalheads and thrashers! Probably more the thrashers though, as the raw, brutal nature favours the thrash metal maniacs – especially the phenomenal turn of speed as ‘Chained To The Void’ races on to a conclusion! And the speed doesn’t stop there – ‘Children Of Demise’ rocketing to Mach 10! And for all you fact fans out there – Mach 10 is over seven and a half thousand miles an hour! And that’s fast – heads are gonna roll right off shoulders as head bangers all around the world try and keep pace with the band! Good luck is all I can say – ‘Extinction’ opening with a menacing stroll before adopting the blistering speed of the previous song! Maybe even faster, Inculter ignoring speed limits and traffic police to hurtle down the motorvei faster than the speed of light!

The title song ‘Morbid Origin’, is the longest song on offer clocking in at eight and a half minutes in length – and sees, or rather hears, the band return the traditional metal feel heard earlier. It’s the guitar tone that emits the essence of the glorious eighties metal scene, and the iconic NWOBHM sound – ‘Morbid Origin’ (the song) melding together an array of styles to produce an emphatic, and immensely infectious song. And with its opening touches of mellowness and menace, ‘Perennial Slaves’ lumbers forth with a doom heavy attitude mixed with a slow yet raw coating of abrasive thrash! The myriad of styles on offer throughout the album has been very wide, keeping listeners hooked from start to finish – the final song ‘Lethal Salvation’, a feisty finale to head bang viciously to! The band go through the gears here, delivering fast and slower passages across the songs entire six minute run time.

Overall, a thundering avalanche of thrash metal, ‘Morbid Origin’ is fierce and raw featuring fast and slower paced songs.


Death Reigns
Age Of Reprisal
Chained To The Void
Children Of Demise
Morbid Origin
Perennial Slaves

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