IRON CURTAIN Album Review: “Savage Dawn”

“Savage Dawn”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Iron Curtain are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2007, releasing (to date) three E.P.’s – ‘Black Fist’ (2012), ‘Outlaw’ (2015), and ‘Metal Gladiator’ (2023), and five albums – ‘Road To Hell’ (2012), ‘Jaguar Spirit’ (2013), ‘Guilty As Charged’ (2016), ‘Danger Zone’ (2019), and ‘Savage Dawn’…

…emerging in 2024 featuring the bands instantly recognisable theme of “heavy metal inside” album covers! Each and every release from Iron Curtain has featured a cover depicting iconic and classic heavy metal imagery – the latest offering combining the looks of metal (band) mascots Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth) and Eddie The ‘Ead (Iron Maiden). Across a blistering thirty minutes, Iron Curtain are savage, battering the airways with a sledgehammer brutality, the bands raw power setting off seismic activity all over the world – ‘The Aftermath’ a one and a half minute instrumental intro that sets a menacing, almost sinister atmosphere for the album opener proper ‘Devil’s Eyes’ to come hurtling in at a hundred miles hour!

The band have their foot firmly pressed hard on the accelerator as ‘Devil’s Eyes’ scorches the earth, banging the head of every single metalhead everywhere – the iconic “foot on the monitor” gallop of traditional heavy metal rising high in the air. As are clenched fists too, listeners, fans and followers saluting Iron Curtain on an incredible opening salvo. The head bang ability is off the fucking charts and still rising – the Spanish outfit powering on with the equally fast paced ‘Gypsy Rocker’. The band are on fire, pounding the ground with a force so devastating the Earth’s surface begins to ripple – the impact of the (albums) opening double sending every seismograph around the world into overdrive! And seismologists into a frenzied panic – is this the apocalypse they all scream? Hell no – it’s just Iron Curtain surging forth with their new album. An album that storms on with ‘Thy Wolf’, keeping the pace high and the head bang ability higher – the opening threesome a tsunami of traditional heavy metal with incredible magnetism! Every metaller on the planet can’t help but be attracted to ‘Savage Dawn’, the four piece outfit from Murcia marching on with phenomenal purpose and intent.

And clocking in at seven and a half minutes in length, ‘Калашников 47’ is by far and away the longest song on offer, opening with a one minute guitar intro that is mellow, serene, and very Spanish sounding! And then lightning quick pace lights up the album once more, Iron Curtain roaring down the autopista at twice the national speed limit! There’s just no stopping the band when they’re in this mood, no-one and nothing is safe from the barrage of heavy metal pouring outta ‘Savage Dawn’ – pouring out just like lava from an erupting volcano! And just as hot too, the band scorching the earth with the fastest song heard so far ‘Rattlesnake’ – bludgeoning listeners with raw power and brute force! It’s like the band are at a demolition derby, taking no prisoners as they scream “get outta the way motherfucker” – and who am I to disagree! Iron Curtain are savage, battering listeners with rough, tough and gruff heavy metal, yet maintaining an incredible melodious streak that runs through every song on offer! None more so than for the traditional metaller ‘Tyger Speed’ – the band planting their feet firmly on the monitor to gallop on at the most head bang-able friendly pace heard so far! Pace which is just phenomenal, the band an unforgiving metal machine delivering high velocity heavy metal to please the worlds metalheads.

And as ‘Savage Dawn’ roars into its final furlong, there’s just no let up in the (albums) power and pace, ‘Evil Is Everywhere’ marching forth with all the gusto of the glorious eighties, echoing a forty year old sound that began with legendary bands Iron Maiden and Saxon – yet Iron Curtain have beefed up the old school buzz to deliver a rougher, tougher blend of heavy metal! A blend that’s fucking gorgeous, sending ‘Savage Dawn’ – and the band – roaring into the hearts of every metalhead around the world! Bringing the album to a close and learning new stuff everyday, I believe ‘Jericho Trumpet (Stuka)’ is all about the German two-seated dive bomber Stuka pronounced shtoo-kah, and Jericho trumpets which are “airplane mounted ram-air sirens which became a propaganda symbol of German air power”. As for the song itself, Iron Curtain remain in foot on the monitor mode, ‘Savage Dawn’ galloping furiously onto a finish – well almost! The album actually ends with the sub one minute outro ‘Savage Dawn’ – a mellow guitar led passage that acts like a warm down from vigorous exercise. And considering we’ve all been insanely head banging for nigh on forty minutes, a warm down is exactly what we need!

Overall, a barnstorming and full on gallop of high octane heavy metal with immense head bang ability.


The Aftermath (intro)
Devil’s Eyes
Gypsy Rocker
Thy Wolf
Калашников 47
Tyger Speed
Evil Is Everywhere
Jericho Trumpet (Stuka)
Savage Dawn (outro)

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