JUST ONE FIX E.P. Review: “Submit Or Death”

“Submit Or Death”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Just One Fix are a thrash metal band from New Zealand formed in 1998 releasing three albums to date – ‘The Price Of Sellvation’ (2007), ‘Blood Horizon’ (2010) and ‘Let Them Hate…As Long As They Fear’ (2014), and one E.P. ‘Submit Or Death’…

…emerging in 2024, ten years after the bands last studio album! Returning with just as much energy and drive as ever before – maybe more – Just One Fix offer six new songs across a bone jarring twenty five minutes! The bands crushing mix of speed, thrash and death metal is all conquering, the E.P. slow burning into life with the one and half minute instrumental intro ‘Submission And Transition’. Creating a mellow and highly anticipative atmosphere, the band build the tension to an almost unbearable level – ‘Gods And Devils’ thundering in at a hundred miles a fucking hour! Striking hard and striking fast, Just One Fix are jaw droppingly aggressive, setting a blistering pace as ‘Gods And Devils’ immediately wakes up every single mosh pit in the world!

A scorching opening gambit from the Auckland four-piece, ‘Submit Or Death’ storms on with the neck wrecking ‘Warzone’ – fast as hell and brutal as fuck! Good luck keeping pace with this one, you’re gonna need it! The head bang ability level is off the fucking charts, Just One Fix delivering a head bangers dream kinda tune – ‘Thorns’ taking a more melodic approach to thrash! For the first forty seconds anyway – and then we’re off and running at full throttle once more, ‘Thorns’ echoing the legendary Bay Area thrash metal sound, a sound that began over forty years ago with the Big 4 (Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer), Death Angel, Exodus, and Testament.

And bringing a touch of the mighty Slayer to the fore, ‘Your Own God’ is a blistering display of speed and brutality, Just One Fix keeping the pedal firmly pressed to the metal, savagely banging the heads of everyone, everywhere! The E.P. up to this point has bludgeoned every listener, fan and follower with a top level barrage of savage thrash, and although final song ‘Hades Rising’ opens with a one minute mellow meander, the band step on the gas to launch head long into a fast and furious rampage. Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait another ten years for new music from Just One Fix.

Overall, a thunderous cacophony of all out thrash metal with high levels of savagery, brutality, and head bang ability.


Submission And Transition (intro)
Gods And Devils
Your Own God
Hades Rising


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