MAGICK TOUCH Album Review: “Heads Have Got To Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Review by Chris Palmer


Magick Touch is a three-piece rocking monster from Norway. Formed in 2015, this Heavy Metal band has been prolifically active within the scene, having released two full-length albums, as well as a short live offering.

The band, consisting of Christer Ottesen [Lead Vocals & Bass], Bård Nordvik [Backing Vocals & Drums], and HK Rein [Lead Vocals & Guitars], released its third full-length effort last month via Edged Circle Productions.

Containing ten tracks and spinning for almost three quarters of an hour, this latest offering is yet another solid collection of songs from these Norwegians. Entitled “Heads Have Got To Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the album sets expectations high before you’ve heard a single note. And you won’t be disappointed, as this three-piece treat you to 43+ minutes of Heavy Metal/Rock ‘N’ Roll, while touching on subjects including occultism, witchcraft and the supernatural.

Album opener, “(This Isn’t) Your First Rodeo”, blast straight out of the blocks with heavy and fast guitar riffs, which gets the blood pumping immediately, as the band state their intentions straight from the off. The rocking attitude continues with the catchiness of “Watchman’s Requiem”, with its heavy grooves and entertaining guitar licks, before the beautiful sounds of Christer’s pulsating bass and Bård’s drums launch you into “To The Limit”. As HK’s guitar comes in, you’re propelled forward into this excellent rocking number, which contains a contagious rhythm that’ll remain in your mind for some considerable time.

With your head literally rockin’ and rollin’ the wonderful sounds of “Love Is A Heart Disease” blasts through the headphones. Containing a heavy rhythm, excellent guitar-play, as well as a wonderfully melodic vocal attack, “Love Is A Heart Disease” has “crowd favourite” written all over it. Meanwhile, “Ready For The Quake” sees these Norwegians turn the tempo down to a more Blues-Rock pace. Swiftly following is the rather excellent, Thin Lizzy-inspired, “Bad Decisions” with a terrific performance from HK and his guitar, who will then lead you by the hand into “Phantom Friend”. Played at a slower tempo, “Phantom Friend” sees Magick Touch put on another fine display of Heavy Blues Rock, which is lead by a seductive rhythm.

Things are turned back up to eleven for the pulsating “Waiting For The Parasites”, which will have you nodding along to the guitar riffs for the entire duration. “Daggers Dance” arrives amongst a flurry of drums which will surely fool the Europe fans out there, before sending you in the opposite direction with a superb groove. This penultimate number is one of my favourites on the album, and is thoroughly deserving of a few repeats, before moving on to the album closer, “Doomsday I’m In Love”. At almost six minutes in length, this final chapter is quite the musical monster, as Christer and Co leave two of the best songs until last. However, I’ll let you discover this for yourselves…

It’s fair to say that, overall, “Heads Have Got To Rock ‘N’ Roll” sees Magick Touch present us with another solid collection of songs. Despite taking a few listens to grab my intention, this album offers an enjoyable listening experience for those fans of the band and genre. Would I return to the album regularly? Honestly, I doubt it. But don’t let my personal feelings distract you from the fact that Magick Touch is a band worth checking out, and there’s no better place to start than with “Heads Have Got To Rock ‘N’ Roll”. Another solid effort from this Norwegian three-piece.


(This Isn’t) Your First Rodeo
Watchman’s Requiem
To The Limit
Love Is A Heart Disease
Ready For The Quake
Bad Decisions
Phantom Friend
Waiting For The Parasites
Daggers Dance
Doomsday I’m In Love

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