MERCILESS LAW E.P. Review: “Grimoire For The Ultimate Sinner”

“Grimoire For The Ultimate Sinner”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Merciless Law are a speed metal band from Chile founded in 2020 by multi-instrumentalist Pancho Ireland – the band an amalgamation of speed, power and traditional heavy metal. And in the space of just two years, Merciless Law have released two albums – ‘Troops Of Steel’ (2022) and ‘The Holy Company’ (2022), and two E.P.’s ‘The Undying Fire’ (2022) and ‘Grimoire For The Ultimate Sinner’ (2023).

Prolific is an understatement for the band – yet in regards to Pancho Ireland, he’s taken prolific to a whole new level! For in the two year period Merciless Law issued four releases, Pancho also featured on two albums for two other bands – as a backing vocalist on Runelord’s ‘Doomsday Script’ (2022), and as the main vocalist/guitarist for Burning Sun’s ‘Wake Of Ashes’ (2023). Does this man ever sleep? Apparently not! Merciless Law’s new E.P. – released via Stormspell Records – is a fast paced four song tsunami of stunning head bang ability…

…’Rulers Of A Sinful World’ opening the E.P. with a barnstorming flourish! The emphatic barrage of heavy metal from the Chilean band is top level, ‘Rulers Of A Sinful World’ very meaty, very heavy, and very much the stuff of every head bangers dreams! Upping the pace, power and intensity, ‘Living To Die’ is a roaring cacophony of metal, Merciless Law planting their feet firmly on the monitor, adopting the classic pose of traditional heavy metal! The speed of ‘Living To Die’ is more akin to what you’d expect from the band, every metalhead around the world vigorously rocking their heads back and forth!

The most melodic song on offer ‘The Taste Of Death’, plants one foot across the border into rock territory, attracting fans of rock as well as metal to the bands soundscape – a soundscape that is all consuming, intense, and very enjoyable! Every listener everywhere will be sporting smiles a mile wide, raising fists high to punch the air in pure delight as the E.P. comes to an end with ‘Balor’, boasting the sound of the iconic gallop as pioneered by metal icons Iron Maiden. But much faster than the British legends – especially across the chorus break!

Overall, a fast and furious gallop of all out heavy metal, Merciless Law continue their prolific and, meteoric rise through metal’s hierarchy.


Rulers Of A Sinful World
Living To Die
The Taste Of Death

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