METAL REQUIEM Single Review: “Sickness Within”

“Sickness Within”
Single Review by Iron Mathew


Metal Requiem are a thrash/death metal band from Guatemala formed in 2001, releasing their debut album ‘Illusions Of Fire’ in 2004. The band released three more albums over the next fifteen years – ‘Unorthodox’ (2010), ‘Ten’ (2014), and ‘Forgotten Society’ (2018) – with brand new single ‘Sickness Within’ a 2021 release.

Metal Requiem was founded by drummer Alden de Leon (Skullcrusher), and over the years the band have shared a stage with the likes of Behemoth and Marduk, and have opened shows for Cannibal Corpse, Leprosy, and Megadeth.

The band have just released a new single ‘Sickness Within’ – taken from their upcoming fifth album ‘Reborn’. The single is heavy – fucking heavy, with gruff and highly aggressive vocals, and is reminiscent of Soulfly and early Sepultura.

With a blistering change of pace towards the latter part of ‘Sickness Within’ the band begin to deliver the bone breaking, skull crushing, brutal savagery that you’d expect from Central and South American metal bands.

Overall, a ferocious barrage of aggressive thrash/death metal, raising anticipation levels way up high for the bands new album.


Sickness Within

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