Millennial Reign Album Review: “The Great Divide”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Millennial Reign are a melodic power metal band from the USA formed in 2010 by guitarist Dave Harvey. The bands self titled debut album was released in 2012, with the follow up ‘Carry The Fire’ emerging in 2015. Featuring a number of line-up changes, ‘Carry The Fire’ established Millennial Reign in the power metal genre, with the band going on to tour with Stryper, on their “To Hell With The Devil 30th anniversary tour”. The bands third album ‘The Great Divide’, released in 2018, features more line-up changes, including new vocalist Travis Wills.

For fans of the epic heavy metal genre, the third offering from American power metallers Millennial Reign is just the ticket. Opening with the atmospheric, crescendo building ‘The Genius’, the bands new album gets underway proper with the melodic mid tempo foot stomper ‘Break The Tide’. Standing astride the epic and glory heavy metal genres, ‘Break The Tide’ is infectious and catchy melodic power metal, and an immediate like. ‘More Than Scars’ picks up the intensity level and powers on like a cross country runner running for glory. A rumbling rhythm gives ‘More Than Scars’ a heavier feel than the opener, with new singer Travis demonstrating his vocal power to the full. The gloriously powerful ‘Imagine’ picks up the energy levels and is delivered at a higher tempo. Heads can begin to bang as Millennial Reign roll out the big guns and deliver the best heavy metal offering on the album, so far…

…strutting its stuff majestically, ‘Till The End’ is a heavy foot stomper, featuring more power than the National Grid. With its infectious and sing along style chorus, ‘Till The End’ is smile inducing, feel good heavy metal. Millennial Reign are delivering their best offering to date and one that will remain on playlists everywhere for a very long time to come. Turning the power down a few notches, ‘In Your Silence’ is a mellower song than any other on the album, coming to life in the guise of a power ballad. Just as lighters all around are raised high and bodies begin swaying from side to side, the power level is turned way up, ‘In Your Silence’ thundering into life and romping on. Halfway through the album, ‘In Your Silence’ does offer the listener a mild breather for what is to follow, (as for me) the second half of the album is the better half. Turning up the power levels once more, (how many more levels are there, one may ask), ‘The Day The Sun Stood Still’ is up tempo and gloriously head bangingly addictive. ‘The Day The Sun Stood Still’ is the second best song on the album, the best song still yet to come . . .

. . . ‘Behind The Time’ returns the album to its melodic power metal roots, delivering a mild thunder storm of hard rock. ‘Behind The Time’ is easily identifiable as the signature sound of Millennial Reign. The impact across the ten songs on offer is immense, and with only two songs left, the best one is still to come! ‘Wounds In Hand’ is a six minutes plus, majestic atmospheric epic, with an addictive heavy foot stomping rhythm to keep you hooked from start to finish. So, I’ve said it three times already, the best song on offer is finally here, after forty two minutes and nine songs, the album closer, the title song, ‘The Great Divide’ enters the fray and is just a perfect song. It’s anthemic, it’s melodic, it’s infectious, it’s the best song on the album…its sing a long ability is one hundred percent, and I guarantee that it will bring a huge smile to your face, leaving you breathless as it plays out. A great end to a very good album.

Overall, Millennial Reign stand tall in the melodic power metal arena, delivering an addictive and infectious album of mid tempo glorious and epic heavy metal.


The Genius
Break The Tide
More Than Scars
Till The End
In Your Silence
The Day The Sun Stood Still
Behind The Time
Wounds In Hand
The Great Divide

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