NEW WAVE OF CLASSIC ROCK Compilation Album Review: “Volume Two”

“Volume Two”
Compilation Album Review by Iron Mathew


‘New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume Two’, is a double compilation album released in 2023, following on from 2021’s ‘Volume One’.

After the Top Ten success of ‘Volume One’, New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) returns with ‘Volume Two’ – meticulously curated with help from a fan vote, the NWOCR team and Rock People Management, ensuring that the fans get a brand new, all killer, no filler, no repeat experience.

Comments Richard Brindley (from NWOCR) “it’s a great pleasure to announce the Volume Two line-up. We set the bar high with Volume One, but it just goes to show the breadth and depth of talent on the scene that we’ve packed out another double album with forty one of today’s hottest rock artists without a single repeat”.

‘Volume Two’ contains many new artists alongside established acts – bands such as Absolva, Baleful Creed, Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters, Blue Nation, Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners, Midnite City, Oli Brown & The Dead Collective, Syteria, and guitar sensation Sophie Lloyd.

The double album is once again accompanied by a special tee shirt, plus a NWOCR “Class Of 2023” tea towel – for full details, please visit the official NWOCR website at

Overall, a terrific compilation featuring forty one of today’s hottest rock artists – over two hours of rock!



Sophie Lloyd – Do Or Die Feat. Nathan James
The Treatment – Wrong Way
Wayward Sons – Joke’s On You
Trucker Diablo – Dig
Reece Mastin – On The Run
Sweet Electric – Monster
Brave Rival – Run And Hide
Blue Nation – Strangers
Troy Redfern – Gasoline
Jared James Nichols – Hard Wired
Unknown Refuge – Drop A Gear
Black Lakes – Verity In Flames
Absolva – Refuse To Die
White Raven Down – Stole My Light
Devilfire – She’s Like Fire
The Howling Tides – Thalia
Loz Campbell – Bad Girl
Firekind – Sound Of Rain
Electric Black – Close To Death
The Karma Effect – Mercy
Robert Jon & The Wreck – She’s A Fighter


Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners – Wasted Times
The Virginmarys – Devil Keeps Coming
Inglorious – She Won’t Let You Go
Kira Mac – Mississippi Swinging
When Rivers Meet – He’ll Drive You Crazy
Creeping Jean – Warm & Fuzzy
Ethyrfield – Remembering
The Fallen State – Standing Tall
Baleful Creed – Pilot My Head
Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Tonight I’m With You
Midnite City – Atomic
Gallows Circus – Hell’s Whiskey
The Outlaw Orchestra – Chicken Fried Snake
King Herd – Halo
Theia – The Day
Verity White – Road To Nowhere
Syteria – Pause For Peace
Laurence Jones – Anywhere With Me
Hell’s Addiction – On The Road Again
Oli Brown & The Dead Collective – Everything You Want

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