OLD PAINLESS E.P. Review: “Demo Songs”

“Demo Songs”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Old Painless are a heavy rock band from the UK formed by four veterans of the scene – and when I say “four veterans”, I actually mean four musicians who’ve been around for a couple of decades playing in other bands, recently joining forces to form Old Painless. The band – Andy (bass), Dave (vocals), Lewis (drums) and Nathan (guitar) – released their debut E.P. ‘Demo Songs’ in 2024…

…featuring four raw rockers that’ll slam you to the floor and trample all over you! Many times! Every song on offer bristles with energy and a slight stoner rock feel, ‘Deep & Wide’ launching the E.P. with a crunchy punch, the rough, tough and gruff vocals perfectly suited to this type of unpolished, unapologetic, and unforgiving brand of rock! Yet among all the roughness on show, you’ll find traces of a melodious intent and the iconic gallop of traditional heavy metal.

Yes readers – metal! For the band are perched right between heavy metal and hard rock territory, that’s why it’s called heavy rock! Moving on, Old Painless remain in the rough, ‘Fleetfooted Mankiller’ upping the ante with regards to bashing every listener round the head with a blunt instrument – a rusty hammer perhaps! For the band wouldn’t use a new shiny one – hell no, they’re too coarse for that! And hitting like a jackhammer smashing through concrete, ‘Just Another Case Of Bad Luck’ will give wimps and posers a great big fucking headache! So leave the hall you pussies, and let the metal warriors take front and centre, ’cause we’ve all heard the call, standing tall with Old Painless – a band that won’t turn down for anyone, just doing what they please!

The fourth and final song on the E.P. ‘Rusty Hammer’, is the longest on offer, clocking in at nearly seven minutes in length – the band maintaining their raucous roar! Old Painless are not here to pander to the weak or bow down to the easily offended, the band are here to ROCK! And if you’re not up to the challenge, go fuck off and listen to some pop music – for the bands ‘Demo Songs’ E.P. is a rugged twenty one minutes of bone jarring, teeth rattling, head thumping heavy rock.

Overall, a rough, tough and gruff four song assault, Old Painless deliver a raw and uncompromising brand of heavy rock.


Deep And Wide
Fleetfooted Mankiller
Just Another Case Of Bad Luck
Rusty Hammer


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