PREMORTAL BREATH E.P. Review: “Of Angels And Wolves”

“Of Angels And Wolves”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Premortal Breath are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2010, releasing their debut album ‘They’ in 2014, and sophomore album ‘Monsters’ in 2018. Whether planned or by sheer coincidence, the band seem to emerge every four years with new material – ‘Of Angels And Wolves’, the bands latest release, emerging in 2022. Spooky eh!

Featuring seven songs over a blistering half hour, Premortal Breath are heavier, angrier, and more aggressive than ever. The band have endured many line-up changes since their formation twelve years ago, with only singer, and founding member, Thomas “Tommy” Greulich the only constant. The E.P. opens with ‘Circle’ replete with a haunting, scary intro that builds to a crescendo, and then roars into life with an immense level of aggression. Combining thrash with metalcore elements, the band are in ferocious mood, ‘Circle’ swinging through the traditional heavy metal genre too.

Title song ‘Of Angels And Wolves’ maintains the heavy aggressive start, with a little more of a melodious intent. The vocal range of lead singer Greulich is immensely wide – ranging from melodic to throaty rasp and the occasional growl. Hence the varied nature of the bands music too – heavier than anything they’ve ever done before! And also featuring female vocals courtesy of Boomerang singer Valeska Kober. ‘But I’m Not Afraid’ is power driven heavy metal with groove – and pace. Faster than the opening double, ‘But I’m Not Afraid’ is a pace changing rampage of aggression, featuring vocals by Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex Iced Earth). And for the first time, a cloud of serenity descends upon the E.P. along with a soulful vocal performance – ‘Wordless’ mixing alternative, grunge, and ballad nuances. An incredible mix I’m sure you’ll agree, ‘Wordless’ also sees Kober supplying additional vocals.

A hugely varied first half, the E.P. rumbles on with ‘Hourglass’ – a thundering and heavy hitting slab of metal. Mid tempo and mid paced, ‘Hourglass’ has the feel and aura of Metallica, but with Premortal Breath’s unique twist on the traditional thrash metal sound. The aggressively titled ‘Fuck My Brain’ is a searing roller coaster ride of traditional heavy metal with a definite “foot on the monitor” feel. Premortal Breath have a sound that’ll attract fans of so many different styles of metal it’s incredible – I’ve never heard this much genre hopping crammed into just the one release. And there’s only seven songs too! Bringing the E.P. to a close, ‘Spartan’ is a crescendo building thrashy rampage. A melodic thrash rampage to be more precise. I did take a quick listen to the bands previous work prior to reviewing ‘Of Angels And Wolves’, only to then be told “it’s no comparison to their new stuff” – and I wholeheartedly agree.

Overall, a wide ranging musical roller coaster, Premortal Breath surprise and delight with a genre hopping collection of songs.


Of Angels And Wolves
But I’m Not Afraid
Fuck My Brain

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