Rage E.P. Review: “My Way”

E.P. Review By Iron Mathew



Rage are a heavy, power metal band from Germany formed in 1984 under the name Avenger, releasing their debut album in 1985 as Avenger. Due to another band having the same name, Avenger became Rage and their second album was released in 1986. The band have gone on to release nineteen more albums with the bands twenty first, aptly titled “21”. Since their inception over thirty years ago, Rage have become one of the most successful power metal bands to emerge from Germany, following a path that was set alight by the likes of Accept, Grave Digger and Helloween. With a new album due in the summer of 2016, a brand new four song E.P. has been released.

In 1995 Rage released their eleventh studio album ‘Black In Mind’ and to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Rage will tour Europe with an all new line-up and have released a new E.P. with re-recorded versions of two songs from the ‘Black In Mind’ album and two versions of a new song…one sung in English, the second sung in Spanish. ‘My Way’ is exactly what you would expect from Rage, full on power metal with a melodic hard rock edge. This formula has worked well for the band over the years with every album infectious, catchy and addictive. Galloping rhythms, cracking guitar work and a throaty yet raspy clean vocal delivery, Rage are an excellent listen. ‘My Way’ is sharp edged and bombastic power metal with a catchy hard rocking chorus. The Spanish version ‘Apuesto A Ganar’ is much the same, just sung in Spanish.

The two re-recorded songs from the ‘Black In Mind’ album are the title song itself and ‘Sent By The Devil’. Both these songs are quick paced, relentless and do not sound twenty years old. Rage are sounding as good now as when I first heard them back in the late eighties. With ‘My Way’ an appetiser for the bands upcoming first studio album in four years, Rage are once again blazing a trail with their unique power metal sound.

Overall, hard hitting, sharp edged heavy metal from one of the greats of the power metal genre.


My Way
Black In Mind [2015 Version]
Sent By The Devil [2015 Version]
Apuesto A Ganar



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