RAGE AND FIRE Album Review: “The Last Wolf”

“The Last Wolf”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Rage And Fire are a heavy metal band from Portugal formed in 2021 by Mario Figueria (guitars) and Rick Thor (bass and vocals) – the band completed by Fred Brum (guitars) and Vasco Machado (drums). The bands debut album ‘The Last Wolf’ was released in 2023…

…featuring eight songs across a forty four minute run time. Rage And Fire are unequivocally a traditional heavy metal band, each and every song on offer blending old school British traits with European and American nuances – album opener ‘Rage And Fire’ hits like a tonne of bricks in freefall from a mile up! The sound of traditional “foot on the monitor” heavy metal rises high in the air, Rage And Fire emulating a forty year old style of metal. Portugal may be sixteen hundred miles away from the birthplace of heavy metal – the UK, but the Portuguese four-piece are delivering a very distinct British sound. The first single released by the band ’20th Century Man’, is a barnstorming barrage of metal to get pulses racing and hearts pounding. Highlighting a blend of German heavy metallers Grave Digger and Running Wild, ’20th Century Man’ is highly melodic and sing a long-able.

Adopting the classic foot stomp, ‘Shapeshifter’ is a ground shuddering march of immense heaviness – crumbling walls and destroying buildings to leave only desolation in its wake. The band are striding through the heavy metal genre as if it was their own, shouting “come listen to us” at every listener, fan and follower around the world. And listen you all will, for Rage And Fire are an enticing blend of power and traditional metal, with hints of the muscular American style melded with European finesse. And the glorious guitar sound of the iconic NWOBHM evolution makes its presence felt, ‘The Summoning’ taking everyone back forty years to a never to be repeated time in metal history – the eighties! A time I was fortunate enough to have grown up through, listening to all of heavy metal’s greats shape the sight and sound of metal. It really was a magical time, a time when my love for heavy metal began – a love that has lasted over four decades! And with bands such as Rage And Fire recreating the whole atmosphere and feel of such an iconic time in history, my love remains intact. Maybe even stronger – ‘Tell The Tales (Of Medusa)’ bringing a touch of erm, balladry to the fore. But thankfully no – the band picking up the thunder and trotting on with all the might of a missile on a mission to blow its target off the face of the fucking earth!

And with the guitar tone of the NWOBHM filling the air like a smoke machine at a concert, the band storm on at top speed with the exotically titled ‘Ebb And Flow (Wax And Wane)’ – the fastest and most head bang-able song heard so far. Rage And Fire pull no punches here, slamming listeners to the floor with a wall of sound – the sound of classic heavy fucking metal! ‘Black Wind’ is the mightiest of all the foot stomps featured on the album, the band venturing into anthemic metal territory owned by bands such as Manowar, Powerwolf, Sabaton and newcomers Brothers Of Metal and All For Metal. The rabble rousing nature of ‘Black Wind’ is immense, as is the feeling of standing on top of the world! ‘The Last Wolf’ is brought to a close by the seven minutes plus title song ‘The Last Wolf’, replete with an atmospheric and epic build up, reaching a crescendo, launching fully into life with the Grave Digger, Running Wild feel of earlier. ‘The Last Wolf’ (the song) is a majestic march of mid tempo metal, ending forty four minutes of infectious head bang ability.

Overall, an eight song romp of eighties sounding heavy metal, Rage And Fire deliver a cracking old school feel and vibe.


Rage And Fire
20th Century Man
The Summoning
The The Tales (Of Medusa)
Ebb And Flow (Wax And Wane)
Black Wind
The Last Wolf


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