RAGE BEHIND Album Review: “Eminence Or Disgrace”

“Eminence Or Disgrace”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Rage Behind are a heavy metal band from France formed in 2022, releasing their debut album ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ in 2023…

…featuring a brutally aggressive sound that melds together the likes of Slayer, Pantera, Fear Factory, and Lamb Of God! With twelve songs on offer across a fifty minute run time, ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ is not for the faint of heart, Rage Behind launching their debut with the crushing title song ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ – hitting like a tonne of bricks in freefall from outer space! The sheer weight of ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ (the song) is cataclysmic, listeners everywhere flattened by the bands bold ferocity – and the growled metalcore come death metal vocals are simply gut wrenching! Just how do you follow that bulldozer of an opening? By increasing the levels of aggression, brutality and intensity that’s how – Rage Behind wreaking havoc with the faster paced ‘Eye For An Eye’ demolishing everything and everyone in sight! Nowhere is safe from the bands bludgeoning aura, an aura that’s so threatening, many listeners are gonna feel scared – especially when the sounds of Fear Factory and Pantera come together for the frightening ‘Genesis’, a mid tempo crawl of menace and fear. The opening threesome has grabbed everyone by the throat, yelling in their faces with a highly venomous attitude “listen to us” – and listen you will!

For you just can’t stop listening, the bands brash and abrasive nature so fucking infectious, Rage Behind picking up the pace to thunder along the autoroute with ‘Season Of Blood’ spitting venom at every passing motorist! The up front and in your face attitude of every song heard so far is incredible, the band a crushing cacophony of savage intent – savagery which looks like it ain’t ever gonna stop! And in the shape of ‘Through Wrath’, the band actually plant their feet on the monitor to fill the air with a strong smell of traditional heavy metal, galloping forth at a head bangingly comfortable pace – yet Rage Behind’s uncompromising, and unforgiving barrage of brutality remains fully intact! What a machine the French five piece are, was there music coach a cybernetic organism from the future with the brand name “Cyberdyne Systems Model 101”, aka “T-800”, aka “Terminator”. Most likely, for the relentless aggression on show is devastating the worlds landscape to leave only desolation behind – ‘Dictated Freedom’ hammering the senses with as much force as a sledge hammer smashing concrete! Maybe even more – the album steam rollering every listener, fan and follower deep into the ground with unrelenting pressure!

I just can’t stress enough how intense the intensity of ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ (the album) is, the album more weighty than a thousand wrecking balls all striking at once, the glorious sound of old school metal coming to the fore once more – ‘The Blind’ a devastating mix of thrash, metalcore and traditional heavy metal! And that right there readers, is the Rage Behind sound, a sound that’s highly infectious and a hundred percent head bang-able. Not to mention aggressively attractive, brutally barbaric and savagely stunning – the album rolling on with the fastest song heard so far ‘Hourglass And Revenge’. Banging heads faster than at any other point on the album, ‘Hourglass And Revenge’ even has a little melodious streak running through it! Yep, you read that right, a rare moment of melodic swagger among a masterclass of bone breaking, neck snapping, ferocity laden savagery! Is there no break from the relentless pummelling the Frenchmen are dishing out? Nope, is both the short and long answer, ‘Don’t Break’ driving ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ (the album) onto a faster pace than ever before – slowing to an almighty foot stomp, and then taking off again! ‘Don’t Break’ is one of those pulsating, gear changing tempo changing rampages that obliterates everything in sight to leave a desolate wasteland in its wake!

And as the album enters its fourth and final quarter, what an album ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ has been – a ferocity fuelled onslaught loaded with aggression and hostile brutality! ‘Worldwide Hostility’ is the longest song on offer clocking in at over six minutes in length, featuring some of the angriest, attitude laden metal on the album, the menacing mid tempo foot stomp shuddering the ground, crumbling walls and reducing buildings to rubble! The immense force Rage Behind ooze is phenomenal, taking over the airways and infecting every listener, fan and follower around the world – there’s just no escaping the band! And returning pace to the fore, ‘The Reign’ rockets outta the blocks with a more groove metal feel than any other song heard so far, the band maintaining the incredible level of intensity that’s run right through the album since it began. And bringing the album to a thundering close, ‘The Hands Of Revenge’ is an amazing mix of pace and mid tempo menace, the foot stomping style of thrash more emphatic than ever! Rage Behind have been much more than just a breath of fresh air, they’ve been a Force 10 hurricane ripping the airways to shreds with a devastating display of all out aggression!

Overall, a savagely brutal barrage of ferocity and menace, ‘Eminence Or Disgrace’ is a breath taking mix of thrash and metalcore.


Eminence Or Disgrace
Eye For An Eye
Season Of Blood
Through Wrath
Dictated Freedom
The Blind
Hourglass And Revenge
Don’t Break
Worldwide Hostility
The Reign
The Hands Of Revenge


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