RAGE E.P. Review: “Spreading The Plague”

“Spreading The Plague”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Rage are a heavy, power metal band from Germany formed in 1984, releasing an incredible twenty five studio albums throughout a staggering forty year career. Founded by vocalist/bass player Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner, he has led the band from the front to become one of the premier power come thrash metal bands in the world. And I’ve never denied the fact that Rage are one of my all time favourite metal bands – ever since I heard ‘Reign Of Fear’ (way back) in 1986! As Rage gear up for their co-headlining Brainrage Over Europe tour (October/November 2022) with fellow countrymen Brainstorm, the band are set to release the six song E.P. ‘Spreading The Plague’…

…featuring three previously unreleased new songs, alongside three bonus songs. Says Peavy “this is a thank you to our fans who have stood by Rage for so many years”. The first three songs, are all from the production phase of the bands latest album ‘Resurrection Day’ (released in 2021), First up is the red hot scorcher ‘To Live And To Die’ – a fast paced rampage that has the classic sound of Rage written all over it. This type of thrashy power metal is what the band are famous for, and with an anthemic styled chorus, ‘To Live And To Die’ is surely gonna become a fan favourite!

The title song ‘Spreading The Plague’ is heavier and has more tempo changes than ‘To Live And To Die’. Not to mention a much more of a melodic metal approach, with head nodding the order of the day. Rage have always mixed up their styles of metal, and that’s what makes the band so fucking great. For forty years I have followed Peavy and co. and not once have they ever let me down. And with an emphatic upturn in pace and power, ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’ is a fast paced and aggressive romp delivered at full tilt, this is Rage at their spectacular best.

And now to the bonus songs – ‘A New Land’ is an acoustic version of the all out power metal galloper that features on ‘Resurrection Day’, and a chance to hear the band “unplugged”. ‘The Price Of War 2.0’ is a re-recorded version of ‘The Price Of War’ taken from the bands 1995 album ‘Black In Mind’. The ‘2.0’ version was released in 2020 as a digital only single, and has now been made available on a physical format – this E.P.! The final song, lifted from the bands 2001 album ‘Welcome To The Other Side’, is a live streamed version, recorded at the Balve Cave, Germany, in 2020.

Overall, a sparkling collection of previously unreleased material from iconic power metallers Rage.


To Live & To Die
Spreading The Plague
The King Has Lost His Crown
A New Land (acoustic)
The Price Of War 2.0
Straight To Hell (live from The Cave)


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