RAGE Interview with Metal Gods TV

Iron Mathew caught up with Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner from Rage for an email based interview

Hello, I’m Iron Mathew from Metal Gods TV – a little over the moon to meet you as I’ve been a fan of Rage since the mid eighties when I first heard ‘Reign Of Fear’. However, it was 1981 at just eleven years old when I got my first taste of heavy metal with Angel Witch’s self titled debut album and Motorhead’s ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammermith’. Tell me, how young were you when you first listened to heavy metal, and who was/were the bands?

I got into hard rock around 1972 through my elder cousin. Deep Purple was my favourite. When the metal wave came up my first bands were Motörhead, Priest, Saxon, and Accept. At this point I already had my own first band (by the end of the 70’s).

And is there any one band/artist that inspired you to become a musician?

That would be the Beatles!

And what are some of your all-time favourite albums?

The entire Beatles catalogue, most of the ‘Purple stuff, most of the Police stuff, and all that early metal stuff… Man, it’s just too much to mention…

Your new album ‘Resurrection Day’ has just been released. What has been the reaction by fans, and also the media?

We get really amazing reactions. Not only the true Rage fans are excited, but also an immense number of other metal heads, and media people like it a lot! The reactions are even better than usual.

Personally I love the album – but with thirty five years and twenty six albums behind you, how do you continually come up with new ideas for the lyrical themes for new songs?

I simply love to write songs. There’s always topics to write about, and there’s always new melodies coming to my head. It’s easy when you love what you do.

And what drives you to keep going, playing and performing?

The same answer as the answer before really – I love it!

How did the recent lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic affect the band?

Besides the fact that we couldn’t tour anymore, it was okay for us. We’re set up very stable, and were able to get through that period of time without any damage.

And looking forward to getting back on the road and performing live once more, what can fans expect/take away from a Rage live performance?

We’re ready to get back, we have a complete new stage set-up, and also plenty of dates are booked. That’s all we can do.

You’ve performed all over the world – many countries, numerous venues and plenty of festivals. Where/what have been your favourite concerts and memories?

We have great fans everywhere, so we feel at home everywhere in the world. Great memories from all continents, I don’t want to miss a place.

And which bands have been the greatest to share a stage with?

Usually we are just ourselves on stage when we perform. But we’ve had great moments with other bands while touring together. I remember for example, Deep Purple as fantastic people to be with. Of course we have our friends among other bands, so it’s always nice sharing time with them. Over the last four decades I’ve learned to know so many musicians and bands, it’s hard to pick out names. But of course our German buddies are special, like Helloween, and Blind Guardian.

And also, if anyone makes a mistake performing live, how’s it handled on stage?

We have a good laugh and continue…

In your opinion, how does the current music scene differ from the eighties when you were just starting out?

Today it’s a million more acts on the market. If we had a handful of new metal releases back then, it’s a few thousand today over the same time period.

And with so many new metal bands emerging over recent years, what is the one piece of advice you would give them?

I can only speak for myself. Every life and every story is different. Bands that start out today have different needs than we did forty years ago.

And also, talking of new metal bands – the band featuring the classic ’88 to ‘94 Rage line-up; Refuge. Are there any plans for a follow-up to ‘Solitary Men’?

Not now. That baby is on ice at the moment, as I’m busy with Rage. In general, Refuge was never meant to be like, a “normal“ touring/recording band.

And now for something a little less musical:

If you could only eat one type of food for the length of a whole tour, what would it be? And why?

Seafood, I love that.

What hobbies/interests outside of the music scene do you have?

Anything to do with bones!

And lastly – to unwind and relax, I personally listen to heavy metal, the faster and heavier the better! What do you do to unwind and relax?

Anything to do with bones – skeleton preparation and mounting, fossil preparation and skull casting.

And finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks to everyone who supports the band! See you soon in concerts wherever possible.

Okay – I thank you very much for your time, it’s been great to chat with you, and I wish you well for the future.

Thanks, you as well! Best Peavy.



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