RAINING NAILS Album Review: “Human Deeds”

“Human Deeds”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Raining Nails are a melodic heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2016, releasing their debut album ‘Human Deeds’ in 2023.

Featuring elements of power and symphonic metal within its highly melodious framework, ‘Human Deeds’ is ten songs and forty four minutes of infectious heavy metal that’ll keep you hooked from minute one to minute forty four. Raining Nails are a new band, consisting of experienced musicians who have played in other bands – singer Marika Vanni (Eternal Silence), guitarist Giacomo Paradiso (Oracle Sun), bass player Massimiliano Flak (Sound Storm, Highlord), and drummer Mattia Rubino (Sound Storm). The album is brought to life by the bombastic heavy hitter ‘A New Way To Walk On’, featuring a level of thunder that’s gonna shake, rattle and rock everyone! And I mean everyone – ‘A New Way To Walk On’ an infectious and catchy opening salvo…

…the band increasing the energy and oomph, setting off a hundred incendiary devices with the faster paced ‘Chained’, Raining Nails switching to old school heavy metal, echoing the iconic, traditional metal gallop! ‘Chained’ is also more infectious than the previous song, every listener, fan and follower raising their fists high and punching the air in pure delight. What a sparkling opening one-two from a new band making their first impression on a worldwide audience – ‘Every Angel Has Its Demons’ increasing the pace even further, Raining Nails pounding the ground hard, shaking buildings and crumbling them into ruins! And without warning, ‘Human Deeds’ hits the brakes – sharp! ‘Queen Of Thorns’ is a thunderous slow to mid tempo foot stomp of head crushing heaviness, the band weaving bombastic hard rock into their heavy metal roots, and to great effect too!

With a more hustle and bustle nature than heard before, the album moves on with the punchy and crunchy ‘Headcrusher’, the band resuming the traditional heavy metal pace from earlier. Raining Nails are not afraid to mix it up, roaming all around the metal genre to give listeners variety in abundance – there really is something for everyone here. Even fans of balladry – ‘Close To You’ inviting every listener, fan, follower and concert goer to raise lighters high in the air and sway gently from side to side. Normally I don’t approve of ballads appearing on metal albums, but ‘Human Deeds’ is more of a metal come rock album, the band spending most of the time standing in the gap between the genres of metal and rock – so I’m gonna give Raining Nails a pass here. And besides, ‘Close To You’ is a very good ballad, passionately sung and oozing reined in energy! And what’s this? A second ballad? Kind of – ‘Not Strong Enough’ initially featuring the mellowness of an impending ballad, increases heaviness to become a hymn-like, anthemic crossover styled stroll of incredibly melodious intent!

The album has been phenomenally attractive so far, ears glued to the stereo – or whatever device you use to listen to music these days – ‘Anthem’ moving in a harder direction, shuddering the ground as it determinedly marches hard across the land. The highly melodic nature of the album up to this point has been very impressive, the band making their presence felt among the worlds metalheads – metalheads who’ll be banging their heads hard to ‘Refuge’, a fast paced foot on the monitor gallop! Raining Nails mix every style of metal they have in their arsenal to make ‘Refuge’ highly attractive to fans of hard rock, power and heavy metal. Bringing the album to a close, ‘Rage Of Justice’ maintains the incredible traditional metal feel that’s run right through ‘Human Deeds’ since it began, albeit at a slightly more urgent pace than any other song on offer. Raining Nails have delivered a cracking debut album, guaranteed to plant smiles a mile wide on the faces of everyone – and I mean, everyone!

Overall, a ten song tirade of highly melodic, traditional heavy metal, insanely catchy and a hundred percent infectious.


A New Way To Walk On
Every Angel Has Its Demon
Queen Of Thorns
Close To You
Not Strong Enough
Rage Of Justice


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