RATT Boxed Set Review: “The Atlantic Years 1984 – 1990”

“The Atlantic Years 1984 – 1990”
Boxed Set Review by Iron Mathew


Ratt are a hard rock band from the USA, forming in the late seventies, releasing seven albums during a lengthy career punctuated by line-up changes, hiatuses, and reformations. The band were prolific during their formative years – five albums released over the seven year period between 1984 and 1990. And it’s those five albums – ‘Out Of The Cellar’ (1984), ‘Invasion Of Your Privacy’ (1985), ‘Dancing Undercover’ (1986), ‘Reach For The Sky’ (1988), and ‘Detonator’ (1990), that make up the Ratt boxed set ‘The Atlantic Years 1984 – 1990’.

In 1984, leggings, jean jackets, parachute pants, giant shoulder pads, short skirts and fluffy hair were all the fashion! Acts such as Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson topped the pop music charts, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, and The Karate Kid dominated the box office, and in America bands such as Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison and (of course) Ratt began revolutionising hard rock and heavy metal to develop what would become known as glam metal (aka hair metal). These bands, along with so many others, took the glam rock of seventies bands like Alice Cooper, Kiss and T. Rex, and made it heavier, breaking down rock and metal boundaries, adding catchy guitar riffs, highly sing a long-able choruses, and introducing a new fashion trend – replacing metals denim and leather look, with brightly coloured spandex and lace!

Ratt were at the forefront of the glam metal evolution – the band comprising Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Warren DeMartini (guitars), Robbin Crosby (guitars), Juan Croucier (bass), and Bobby Blotzer (drums) – exploding onto the scene in 1984 with debut album ‘Out Of The Cellar’, spawning the hit singles ‘Round And Round’ and ‘Wanted Man’. Ratt quickly went from a support act to a headliner, and on the bands 1986 tour of North America, a newly formed band called Poison were the opening act! Ratts subsequent four albums produced hit single after hit single – ‘You’re In Love’ and ‘Lay It Down’ (‘Invasion Of Your Privacy’), ‘Slip Of The Lip’ and ‘Body Talk’ (‘Dancing Undercover’), ‘I Want A Woman’ and ‘Way Cool Jr’ (‘Reach For The Sky’), and ‘Shame Shame Shame’ and ‘Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job’ (‘Detonator’).

So whether you’re a life long Ratt fan looking for a trip down memory lane, or a youngster who wants to hear the origins of glam metal from a band who were instrumental in its evolution, ‘Ratt The Atlantic Years’ is the boxed set for you! The LP set features all five albums (on black vinyl), rare ‘Nobody Rides For Free’ 7″ single, 12 page replica tour book (featuring rare and never before seen photo’s), a Wanted Poster, bumper sticker, replica backstage pass, and a guitar pick, all in a custom lift top box! The CD set features all five albums in a side loading box.

Overall, an incredible boxed set from one of glam metal’s pioneering bands Ratt – featuring the bands first five albums.


Out Of The Cellar
Invasion Of Your Privacy
Dancing Undercover
Reach For The Sky


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