REZET E.P. Review: “New World Murder”

“New World Murder”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Rezet are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2004, releasing five albums and three E.P.’s to date – with ‘New World Murder’ the bands latest E.P. released in 2022…

…featuring three new songs, and a cover of a Deep Purple classic – more on that later!

Rezet are one of the “melodic thrash” brigade, featuring an infectious and head bang-able sound similar to bands such as Annihilator and Flotsam And Jetsam – the band launching their latest release with the thundering ‘The Devil’s Bride’. Full of electrifying pace and purpose, Rezet are firing on all cylinders as they storm through ‘The Devil’s Bride’ at breakneck speed. ‘Alien Noises’ – featuring guest vocals from Destruction frontman and bass player Schmier – is delivered at a more traditional heavy metal pace than the E.P.’s opener, yet retains Rezet’s thrash metal leanings.

‘Dead End Walking’ returns the electrifying pace of earlier, increasing the levels of aggression and brutality – more akin to the Teutonic Four, and the style of thrash metal that Germany has become renowned for. Definitely an E.P. of variation, the fourth and final song, is a cover of the Deep Purple classic ‘Fireball’, taken from the bands 1971, UK number one album ‘Fireball’ – and if you’re expecting a thrash metallized version, you’re only half right! Played at a slightly faster pace than the original, Rezet’s version is beefier, thrashier, and exhibits a tremendous hard rock ‘n’ rolling feel. A very good cover indeed.

Overall, a fast and furious four song assault showcasing the different styles in the bands arsenal.


The Devil’s Bride
Alien Noises feat. Schmier (Destruction)
Dead End Walking
Fireball (Deep Purple cover)

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