S.N.A.K.E Album Review: “III”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


S.N.A.K.E are a hard rock band from Spain formed in 2008 by drummer J.C. Moreno and vocalist Franco Troisi – releasing the bands debut album ‘Rock Evolution’ in 2016. Featuring electrifying guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms and captivating melodies, ‘Rock Evolution’ was adored by listeners and fans, the Spanish outfit cementing their position as a rising rock force. S.N.A.K.E released sophomore album ‘Only One Flag’ in 2018, garnering international success, including the sharing of a stage alongside Riot V as part of the Armor Of Light Iberian Tour. With unwavering commitment and a hunger for innovation S.N.A.K.E surge forth with their third album, simply titled ‘III’.

Released in 2023, ‘III’ features a line-up consisting of guitarist Dave Hyden, keyboardist Paul Keys, and bassist Stevie M. alongside founders Moreno and Troisi. The new album is thirty eight minutes of compelling hard rock, every one of the nine songs on offer highly infectious and sing a long-able – ‘Hungry For Love’ strolling into sight, turning into a bombastic barrage of heavy hitting melodic AOR come hard rock. The catchiness of ‘Hungry For Love’ is contagious, every listener, fan and follower of the band sitting up to take notice of an immediately likeable album opener. And with more bounce and energy than the previous song, ‘Midnight Girl’ hits with all the oomph of a party anthem, planting smiles a mile wide on the faces of everyone everywhere! The band are still relatively young, yet are delivering the kind of rock that deserves to be played in the worlds biggest arenas – ‘Heartbeat’ echoing the style of pop rock! But hitting harder, much harder, the energy level rising right through the roof as ‘Heartbeat’ adopts a majestic swagger.

And without missing a beat, ‘III’ storms on with ‘Wildstreet’ – the heaviest hitting song heard so far, S.N.A.K.E delivering a feel good romp of passionate hard rock! The band pour their heart and soul into everything they do, each new album – and bear in mind there’s only been three – better than the last. Now I’m not actually sure what the bands name stands for – does it even stand for anything? But if I had to take a guess, I reckon S.N.A.K.E could stand for “Spain’s Newest Ass Kicking Export” – the band kicking ass with a huge amount of enthusiasm. Now I know that’s probably not the answer, but it made me chuckle – ‘The Answer’ taking the album into power ballad territory. Time for everyone to raise their lighters high and sway from side to side as the band wave their hands in the air and deliver a slice of sublime balladry. And hitting the ground hard, the band roar loudly with the barnstorming ‘Strangers In Paradise’, the heaviest rocking song heard so far! And with its insane levels of energy, oomph and pizzazz, ‘Strangers In Paradise’ is one of the albums standout moments. What a gloriously entertaining song!

And now for a rock anthem – or should that be a rock mantra! Either way, ‘Born To Rock’ sizzles with passion, power and pride – bordering on heavy metal as it trots along at a fairly sprightly pace. And the chorus is gonna be passionately sung by everyone, from listeners to concert goers to fans and followers – ‘Born To Rock’ an anthemic statement of intent from the Spanish five piece. And here comes the bands glorious mix of melodic AOR woth hard rock once more, this time in the shape of the striding ‘Coast Of Gold’, the infectious level rising higher than ever before. S.N.A.K.E have poured so much energy into ‘III’ there’s surely none left – but with the albums final song, the band prove me horrendously wrong! ‘End Of The Road’ is the fastest song on offer, galloping forth with all the gusto of traditional heavy metal, the band broadening their horizons to attract metalheads as well as rockers – ‘End Of The Road’ an out and out head banger!

Overall, an energetic and highly infectious romp of hard rock, ‘III’ is incredibly catchy and sing a long-able.


Hungry For Love
Midnight Girl
The Answer
Strangers In Paradise
Born To Rock
Coast Of Gold
End Of The Road


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