SABBAT Boxed Set Review: “Mad Gods And Englishmen”

“Mad Gods And Englishmen”
Boxed Set Review by Iron Mathew


Sabbat are a thrash metal band from the UK formed in 1985, releasing three albums – ‘History Of A Time To Come’ (1988), ‘Dreamweaver’ (1989), and ‘Mourning Has Broken’ (1991) – before disbanding in 1991. ‘Mad Gods And Englishmen’ (released in 2023) is a four CD boxed set that includes the bands first two albums, plus two live performances and a DVD!

1988 was a time of spiky hair, crew cuts, faded jeans, high top trainers and skate boarding! Biggest films of the year were Die Hard, Rambo III, and Crocodile Dundee 2. Biggest albums of the year were ‘New Jersey’ (Bon Jovi), ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ (Queensryche), and ‘South Of Heaven’ (Slayer) – along with the debut album from UK thrashers Sabbat. Following in the footsteps of, or rather the path set by Onslaught, Acid Reign, and Xentrix, Sabbat rocketed into the upper echelons of the worldwide thrash metal scene! The bands debut ‘History Of A Time To Come’, and the follow-up ‘Dreamweaver’, have become quintessential listening for any thrash enthusiast and/or historian – both albums raising the bar in terms of writing and musical intricacy.

And that was all down to the founding members Martin Walkyier (vocals) and Andy Sneap (guitars), forging a writing partnership that produced two of the most significant albums of the late eighties! And both albums are included in this boxed set, along with the bands 1990 performance at Thrashing East live in Berlin (Germany) – on CD and DVD! For the very first time! Completing the boxed set, is the CD of the bands ‘BBC Radio 1; Friday Rock Show Session’ recorded in 1987 – recorded prior to the bands 1988 debut release!

After disbanding, Martin Walkyier went on to form Skyclad, while Andy Sneap featured as a guest/session musician in a number of bands, becoming a record producer in his own right. But the impact of Sabbat – and in particular the bands first two albums – will never be forgotten.

Overall, a fantastic boxed set commemorating one of thrash metals most innovative, exciting and influential bands.


History Of A Time To Come
Live In East Berlin 1990
BBC Radio 1 – Friday Rock Show Session
The Beginning Of The End (DVD)

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