SATURDAY NIGHT SATAN Album Review: “All Things Black”

“All Things Black”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Saturday Night Satan are a heavy metal band from Greece founded by multi-instrumentalist Jim Kotsis (Black Soul Horde) and singer Kate Soulthorn, releasing the bands debut album ‘All Things Black’ in 2024…

…featuring a sound that blends the bands occult metal roots with seventies doom and eighties traditional heavy metal to serve up a diverse delight for fans of bands such as Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Ghost and Lucifer. Influenced by horror cinema and all things dark, ‘All Things Black’ consists of nine songs across a forty one minute meander through a multitude of different genres…

…’5AM’ roaring outta the blocks to hit hard! Very hard! The band are bombastic here, taking their chances with raw energy, bombarding listeners with a strong, sit up and listen to us attitude! An attitude that’s so powerful, everyone around the world are gonna stop what they’re doing to turn in the direction of Athens to listen to ‘5AM’ – and remain transfixed by the albums overwhelming infectious level! And bringing a sassy swagger to the fore, ‘Rule With Fire’ melds seventies metal with the blues and Southern rock, the roaring vocals of Soulthorn as intoxicating as the smell of your favourite food! The opening brace has been stronger than gravity, pulling every listener into the bands soundscape where you’ll only find metal and rock driving ‘All Things Black’ – the album heading on an upward trajectory to the stars courtesy of the energy driven ‘Devil In Disguise’. Oozing a slight party feel, ‘Devil In Disguise’ has the most melodious chorus break you could ever wish for, the band delighting the ears with a marvellous meld of melodic heavy metal and hearty hard rock!

A meld that remains front and centre as the title song ‘All Things Black’ enters the fray with more energy and oomph than everything heard so far – Saturday Night Satan at their most bombastic since the album began! And the iconic gallop of traditional heavy metal pours outta ‘All Things Black’ (the song) just like lava pouring out of a volcano – the band just as hot too! For the album has simply gotten better and better as each song strides on by, Saturday Night Satan loving the limelight, not lurking in the shadows like some demon on the prowl! The cover of the album features a cat licking its lips, presumably with excited expectation and not simply cleaning them after having something to eat – and I reckon every listener everywhere is gonna be licking their lips too ’cause the expectation of what’s to come after such an exciting album first half is almost too much to bear! But bear no longer, the band storming on with the pulsating ‘Lurking In The Shadows’ – the ground shuddering under the immense force exerted by the band! ‘Lurking In The Shadows’ maintains the albums incredible intensity and immense infectious level, Saturday Night Satan delivering one helluva impressive debut! And with its acoustic guitar led intro, ‘By The River’ is more mellow than everything heard so far, the band straying close to ballad territory but not falling fully in – Saturday Night Satan heavying things up to resonate with a hymn-like anthemic aura! So keep your lighters firmly tucked away and just enjoy the sultry swagger on offer.

And with a much more hustle and bustle feel, ‘Crown Of Arrogance’ hits the ground running with the guitar tone so synonymous with the legendary NWOBHM evolution, the band once again oozing the iconic gallop of traditional metal. Not to mention planting a foot firmly on the old school heavy metal monitor to adopt the classic pose adopted by metal musicians all over the world. Ever since ‘All Things Black’ (the album) began, the intensity level has been top notch, the band delivering a non-stop rollercoaster of roaring infection, infecting every listener, fan and follower with a sense of happiness and a resounding “hell yeah” – ‘Witch’s Dance’ knocking everyone into next week with a bombastic barrage of in your face metal! And when I say in your face, I don’t mean aggression fuelled, I just mean immediate and straightaway – the album coming to an end with the serenity led ‘Of Love And The Void’. Slowly building to a crescendo over the first minute or so, ‘Of Love And The Void’ breaks out into a canter, Saturday Night Satan constantly changing gears and tempo as the song, and the album storms on to a finish!

Overall, an energetic and infectious mix of metal and rock, ‘All Things Black’ is an exciting and head turning debut.


Rule With Fire
Devil In Disguise
All Things Black
Lurking In The Shadows
By The River
Crown Of Arrogance
Witch’s Dance
Of Love And The Void

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