SAVAGED Album Review: “Night Stealer”

“Night Stealer”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Savaged are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2021, releasing their debut E.P. ‘Knights Of Metal’ later the same year, and debut full length album ‘Night Stealer’ in 2024.

Appearing at the 2023 Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany alongside the likes of Jag Panzer, Lady Beast, Metall and Tytan, the Spanish metallers from Barcelona did themselves proud, delivering a powerhouse performance full of energy – and all without an album release to their name! Until now – the Spaniard’s debut ‘Night Stealer’ an eight song, thirty eight minute thunderstorm of high octane “foot on the monitor” heavy metal! If you’re a fan of bands such as Night Demon, Saxon and Skull Fist, you’re gonna love this band too, Savaged setting their new album on its way with the furiously fast paced ‘I Will Fight’ – and a head bang ability higher than the Torre de Cristal tower in Madrid! The band are at full tilt here, furiously banging heads and raising fists high in the air, ‘I Will Fight’ a barnstorming start to ‘Night Stealer’…

…which marches on with ‘Tons Of Leather’ featuring the iconic guitar tone of the legendary NWOBHM evolution! And a mid tempo anthemic feel similar to bands such as Saxon and Manowar – the sheer oomph of ‘Tons Of Leather’ shattering the still of the night! What an incredible opening brace, full of power and pace – the band changing gear mid song to roar forth at high velocity! ‘Knights Of Metal’ (lifted from their 2021 E.P. ‘Knights Of Metal’) is a menacing full throttle tsunami of thrash infused traditional foot on the monitor heavy metal guaranteed to bang the heads of even the laziest of listeners! Savaged, are literally savage here, devastating the land with ferocity and speed – nowhere and no-one is safe from the bands relentless rampage! The one minute instrumental ‘Welcome To…’ is a crescendo building tension creating intro to ‘Elm Street’ – the NWOBHM guitar tone taking front and centre as Savaged emanate a glorious old school metal feel. I can just about smell the eighties from here, ‘Elm Street’ parading its wares alongside bands such as Angel Witch, Raven and Saxon in terms of sound, vibe and feel!

There’s just no escaping the eighties heavy metal feel, even though the band are over forty years and eight hundred miles away from where it all began (in the UK) – ‘Night Stealer’ storming on with the fastest song heard so far ‘Money Sucks’. Planting their feet firmly on the monitor, Savaged roar loud and very proud, sending every mosh pit around the world into a head banging frenzy! A frenzy which is far from over – ‘Stealing The Night’ (quite possibly the title song) maintaining the frantic furore from the previous song. And the old school flavour too, the band revelling in the sound of heavy metals formative years – years that I was a part of, growing up as a teenager during the eighties. So when a band comes along with a sound that takes me back to such a wondrous time, I’ll always enjoy the ride – and I’m thoroughly enjoying this one! And bringing the ride to a tumultuous finish, ‘Running For Your Love (Tonight)’ is the (new) fastest song on offer, hurtling by at phenomenal speed to furiously bang the head of every metaller in the world.

Overall, a fast and feisty gallop of traditional heavy metal with a hundred percent head bang ability.


I Will Fight
Tons Of Leather
Knights Of Metal
Welcome To…
Elm Street
Money Sucks
Stealing The Night
Running For Your Love (Tonight)

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