SILVERBONES Album Review: “Brethren Of The Coast”

“Brethren Of The Coast”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Silverbones are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2013, releasing two albums to date – ‘Wild Waves’ (2016) and ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ (2023).

Released via Stormspell Records, the new album from Italian five piece Silverbones, features nine songs across forty two minutes, with the bands thematic pirate metal sound stronger than ever – placing them in the same genre as pioneering pirate metallers Running Wild, along with many other bands such as Alestorm, Blazon Stone, Pirates Of Metal, and Red Rum. Founded by bass player Andrea Franceschi, the band has endured a number of line-up changes over the years – the line-up for ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ consisting of Franceschi, guitarists Marco Salvador and Eric Antonello, drummer Fabio Tomba, and vocalist Lorenzo Nocerino. So without further ado, let’s hoist the main sail and take to the high seas for an adventure…

…an adventure into the pirate world of Silverbones – or should that be the gentlemen o’ fortune world of Silverbones! Either way, the adventure begins with the two minute crescendo building instrumental intro ‘Winds Of Reprisal’, the album exploding into life courtesy of the rampant ‘Raise The Black’ – and the classic sound of traditional heavy metal. The band plant their feet firmly on the monitor and gallop hard, the head bang ability shooting right through the roof! Every metalhead everywhere will be nodding their heads back and forth to this one, Silverbones setting ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ on its way in simply glorious fashion. And without missing a step, the band roar on with the more bouncy ‘Granite Heart’, echoing the metal style of the eighties and the iconic NWOBHM. There’s no doubting the similarity to legendary bands Running Wild and Iron Maiden – but when your inspiration comes from two of the greatest bands ever, there’s gonna be some similarity! And for the record, please note that I said “similar” and not “the same”.

The title song ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ injects a blistering amount of pace across the opening thirty seconds, changing down a gear as it gets going proper! The band continue gear changing as ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ (the song) roars on, banging heads hard and causing a major stir within every single mosh pit around the world. And when I say stir, I mean a very good one, every mosher rocking their head back and forth with absolute glee – smiles stretching from ear to ear appearing on everyones face! Smiles that remain very wide, ‘Headless Riders’ entering the fray displaying the most “pirate metal” feel of any song heard so far! The infectious level Silverbones have on show is phenomenal, every listener, fan and follower hooked right from the off, the band holding tight and not letting go – ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ bringing the majestic anthemic style of heavy metal to the fore! The elegant swagger of bands such as Saxon, Sabaton and Manowar rises high in the air, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ striding on its merry way with an immense story telling feel.

And with a definite Iron Maiden feel, ‘The Battle Of Texel’ opens in atmospheric fashion, exploding into life after forty seconds in a blaze of raucous riffing, Silverbones maintaining the albums overall galloping nature – every song addictive, catchy and sing a long-able. I reckon the band are fantastic live with every concert goer having a great time – but then having a great time is what heavy metal’s all about right? And in the shape of Silverbones and their sophomore album, a great time is guaranteed – anthemic metal making an emphatic return, ‘Die For The Crown’ a mid tempo regal romp of head held high heavy metal. The five piece from Conegliano have maintained an irresistible, and unbroken level of intensity since the album began, the eight minute long ‘Invincible Armada’ bringing ‘Brethren Of The Coast’ (the album) to a close in epic, jaw dropping Iron Maiden style – and yes I’ve compared the band to ‘Maiden more than once. And quite frankly so what! Iron Maiden are basically the benchmark for heavy metal, and have remained at the forefront of the genre for over forty years! Only time will tell if Silverbones will enjoy the same longevity, but what a cracking start they’ve made with two very good albums.

Overall, a barnstorming gallop of traditional heavy metal, highly infectious, immensely head bang-able, and a hundred percent likeable.


Winds of Reprisal
Raise the Black
Granite Heart
Brethren of the Coast
Headless Raider
Dead Men Tell no Tales
The Battle of Texel
Die for the Crown
Invincible Armada

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