SINNERY E.P. Review: “Below The Summit”

“Below The Summit”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Sinnery are a thrash metal band from Israel formed in 2012, releasing two albums – ‘A Feast Of Fools’ (2016) and ‘Black Bile’ (2022), and one E.P. – ‘Below The Summit’ (2023), in a career spanning ten years.

The band, formed by guitarist Idan Kringel and singer/guitarist Alon Karnieli, are a ferocious and unforgiving thrash metal tsunami – devastating listeners with a meld of thrash and death metal. The five songs on the bands new E.P. hurtle by in just sixteen minutes – sixteen sweet minutes of bludgeoning savagery! Opener ‘Somber’ takes off with immense ferocity, the band quickly into their stride, shuddering the ground with unbelievable heaviness!

And the band don’t let up either, the pummelling taking a more vicious turn with ‘An Ode (Knife Of Erato)’, battering listeners with bloodcurdling, gut wrenching vocals and a level of aggression that makes the Nile crocodile look tame! The Nile crocodile is known as the worlds most aggressive animal, mostly because it considers humans a “regular part of its diet”. Thank fuck it’s not found in the UK!

The thirty second ‘We Just Want You To’ is a short spoken word message promoting the band that leads into ‘Share This’. And incredibly, an increase in speed – the band travelling faster than the speed of light to wreck the necks of every single metalhead in the world! For heads will be rocking back and forth at an extremely high rate, neck muscles stretching further than they’ve ever stretched before! Bringing the E.P. to a close, ‘Serene’ is anything but serene – the mighty foot stomping style of thrash coming to the fore. The ferocity is still rife, as is aggression and the howling scowling vocals of singer Karnieli.

Overall, a blistering sixteen minutes of ferocious thrash metal with humongous levels of aggression and menace.


An Ode (Knife Of Erato)
We Just Want You To
Share This

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