SKILTRON Album Review: “Bruadarach”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Skiltron are a power metal band based in Finland, founded in Argentina in 2004 by guitarist Emilio Souto. During a two decade career, the band has released six albums, endured numerous line-up changes, and re-located to Europe. The bands sixth album ‘Bruadarach’ was released in 2023…

…featuring eleven power metal anthems melded with the bands root Celtic and folk metal influences – think bands such as Elvenking, Skyclad, and Winterstorm. Over the years, Skiltron has played in over thirty countries and performed at some of the biggest metal festivals across Europe, including Wacken Open Air in Germany. The band are on fire right now, going from strength to strength, with latest album ‘Bruadarach’ most likely their finest work to date – the two minute crescendo building intro ‘Triumph & Devotion’ setting a highly anticipative and tense atmosphere, ‘As We Fight’ thundering in at high velocity! The band are rampant here, hurtling across the land at a great rate knots, pushing everyone and everything outta the way! ‘As We Fight’ is classic sounding European power metal, with the bands root Celtic and folk influences shining brighter than a thousand suns!

And from blistering speed to a mighty anthemic foot stomp, Skiltron drop a couple of gears for the mid tempo ‘This Battle Is My Own’, striding tall and proud with shoulders back and head held high. The difference between the two opening songs has been immense, both of them standing firmly and squarely on opposite sides of the power metal genre – ‘Where The Heart Is’ entering the fray with a much more hustle and bustle approach, punching hard as it rumbles forward. The infectious and intensity levels have been extremely high across the albums first three songs, with every listener sitting up to take notice of a band performing at the top of their game. And at over six minutes in length, ‘Proud To Defend’ is the longest song on offer, showcasing the bands immense Celtic influence, Skiltron pounding the ground hard as the rabble rousing call to arms nature of anthemic metal comes to the fore. So raise your fists high and punch the air to salute a bloody good song.

‘Turadh’ is a two minute instrumental maintaining the albums strong Celtic and folk leanings – changing gear and increasing speed until thumping anthemic metal takes over the airways – this time in the shape of ‘I Am What I Am’ – and no, it’s not a cover of the same titled Doro classic from the queen of metal’s 1989 album ‘Force Majeure’. Skiltron’s ‘I Am What I Am’ is the punchiest of all the songs heard so far, knocking seven bells out of every listener, fan and follower. ‘A Treasure Beyond Imagination’ is the most elegant and majestic song heard so far, striding tall and very proud across the land, commanding everybody to stop, look and listen. And stop, look and listen you will, for the magnetism Skiltron have woven into every song on offer is greater than Neodymium magnets – the most powerful magnet in the world!

And now for a history lesson delivered at high speed so pay attention – ‘Rob Roy’ is a ferociously fast paced power metaller to vigorously bang heads, Skiltron breaking the sound barrier with consummate ease! The head bang ability of ‘Rob Roy’ is immense and highly infectious, the band turning every mosh pit in the world into a wild frenzy! The longer the album has run, the stronger and stronger the bands Celtic and folk influence has become – ‘Haste Ye Back’ resonating with the strongest! And talking of strong – the infectious and intensity levels have remained sky high all album long, not dipping for a single second! The albums final song is the minute and a half instrumental outro, ‘Saor Alba’ – “Saor Alba” is a Scottish Gaelic phrase meaning “Free Scotland”. The band deliver ‘Saor Alba’ very much in the vein of a warm down after a workout, all mellow and serene yet bold and brave!

Overall, a power metal march blending speed with anthemic elegance, ‘Bruadarach’ is a majestic barnstomer.


Triumph & Devotion
As We Fight
This Battle Is My Own
Where The Heart Is
Proud To Defend
Turadh (instrumental)
I Am What I Am
A Treasure Beyond Imagination
Rob Roy
Haste Ye Back
Saor Alba

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