SORCERER Interview with Metal Gods TV

Chris Palmer caught up with Anders Engberg from Sorcerer for an email based interview

Hi guys, Chris here from Metal Gods TV. It’s a pleasure to be interviewing you for the website. Firstly, how are you all doing? Are you keeping safe and well from the current pandemic situation?

Anders: Hello Chris! Yes, we are all doing fine in this strange time. We are following our government’s recommendations and staying safe.

Your new album, “Lamenting Of The Innocent”, was released by Metal Blade Records last month, what has been the reaction so far – from both fans and the media?

Anders: The response has been awesome! We are so very happy that people seem to like what we do. The reviews are fantastic, and the fans are happy with the album.

The album, itself, runs for over an hour. Was this intentional, and does it concern you that the general public might ignore the bulk of the music, or lose interest after a handful of songs?

Anders: We never look at the time when we write a song, some songs are longer, we always try to create a mood and a certain atmosphere in our music and some songs need the time we give them. We see the songs as a small story or a part of the big picture of the album. They are all there for a reason. We seldom get complaints over that we have too much music on our albums.

Personally, I absolutely love the album, and find it to be a thoroughly absorbing piece of art that requires your full attention to appreciate its beauty. What was the writing and recording process, and were there any logistical problems due to the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Anders: We always work the same way. There are a few of us in the band that write the music and records instrumental demos of the songs. When a song is ready for melodies it gets put up on Dropbox where me and our co-producer Conny take them down and start to write melodies. Sometimes lyrics gets written at the same session. When we feel that the melodies and the lyrics are done and maybe we changed some of the arrangements, we put it back up on Dropbox for the others to hear. After some tweaking, we decide that the song is done and save it for the recording session later. When all songs are demoed, we have a vote which songs are supposed to go on the album, usually we have like 12-14 songs demoed. When the vote is done, we decide the order of the songs, it’s a very democratic process. We then start with the drums and ad on the guitars and bass. Last added are the vocals and some keys. That’s it really. Then it’s mixing and mastering before its done.

How do you arrive at the lyrical content in your songs? Is there an intentional message that you wish to get across to listeners?

Anders: The first lyric we wrote was “The Hammer of Witches” and the idea came up to do a conceptual album but not with a chronological story. The songs stand on their own but revolves around the book “The Witch Hammer” or “Malleum Malleficarum” as it’s called in Latin. The message is the fight between good and evil really, there is no greater plan in the lyrics. You can say that they are fictional but with some truth in them.

The music that you guys produce is an absolute thrilling listen. I simply cannot get enough of the album! With so many good bands from Sweden releasing terrific metal music recently, what on earth is in the water in Stockholm!? We in the UK want more, we just can’t get enough at the moment!?

Anders: Ha ha ha! well I don’t know how that is, maybe we have a good foundation in music in this country. In my generation many plays an instrument and I guess that is the key to it. Musicality and passion!!

Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, what are your plans for promoting and touring the album?

Anders: Well all our shows have been postponed to next year and if there will be any shows at all this year remains to be seen. Sorcerer is trying its best to promote the new album during the circumstances that we all feel so heavily on us. The whole industry from clubs to techs and promoters, everyone is affected by this pandemic, it’s really sad. We were planning, as many others, to do a live stream show in the fall but nothing is set yet.

Will you handle such plans yourselves, or leave them in the capable hands of the record label?

Anders: We plan and execute all our ideas ourselves but with the label supporting us.

While on the subject of touring, we all understand and appreciate that it can be a difficult experience travelling continuously. What kind of things do you all get up to when travelling between concerts? Do you get time to appreciate the places you travel to and taste local cuisines?

Anders: Sorcerer is not touring extensively right now, there are many reasons for that, family issues and work issues. We are not able to live on the music we create, not yet anyhow. We hope that next year will provide a 2-week mini tour and some great festivals. We have already a handful of shows planned. Usually when we travel between shows we sleep, ha ha. And yes, we try to see a little of the places we go, some exploring.

Who’s in charge of the music when travelling, and what bands do you mostly listen to?

Anders: We listen to our own music in headphones mostly or if driving we listen to classics; Rainbow, Judas, Maiden, Pink Floyd etc.

And, finally, is there any message that you’d like to say to your fans and Metal Gods TV readers?

Anders: We would like to extend our gratitude for your support and for our fans support through the years! We will do everything in our power to come out and play live asap. Keep the faith and wash your hands !!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It’s an absolute privilege to chat and get to know Sorcerer a little better. Everyone at Metal Gods TV wish you well, and we hope to see you on tour soon. Kind Regards, Chris.


Persecution (Intro)
The Hammer Of Witches
Lamenting Of The Innocent
Where Spirits Die
Age Of The Damned
Dance With The Devil
Path To Perdition