STORMBORN Album Review: “Zenith”

Album Review by Iron Mathew


Stormborn are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2007 releasing two albums to date – ‘Stormborn’ (2012) and ‘Zenith’ (2024).

Delivering a brand of heavy metal forged by legendary bands such as Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Raven and Saxon over forty four years ago, Stormborn are one of the UK’s more recent breed of British bands to maintain the incredible legacy Britain has in producing high calibre metal bands. Along with the likes of Eliminator, Neuronspoiler, Amulet, Fury, Absolva, Forged In Black, Seven Sisters, Battle Born and Tailgunner, these bands are gonna keep Britain at the forefront of the worldwide metal scene for another forty four years! The Kent five-piece have played gigs all over the UK, been personally chosen by Rob Chapman as support for his band Dorje, and Stormborn recently opened for Italian power metallers Rhapsody Of Fire at London’s The Underworld. Festival appearances at Bloodstock and Summer Breeze have reinforced the bands burgeoning reputation as one of the most exciting bands around at the moment – ‘Zenith’ (the bands new album) adding fuel to the fire with nine songs on offer across an immensely head bang-able forty fast paced minutes!

Opening with the two minute effects laden, crescendo building instrumental ‘Call Of The Void’, Stormborn launch headlong into (album opener proper) ‘Land Of The Servant King’ at a phenomenal pace – the ground shuddering as the band plant their feet firmly on the monitor to adopt the iconic pose of traditional heavy metal! The speed here is simply outstanding, the band delivering head banging heaven to every single metalhead on the fucking planet! With heads turned and listeners mouths opened wide, Stormborn have the undivided attention of everyone, roaring on with the even faster paced ‘Fear Of A Monster’ – the head bang ability level shooting right through the fucking roof! And the sing along ability of the chorus is perfection – the band opening their debut with a double dose nothing short of sensational!

And the double dose becomes a triple dose, ‘The Unending Night’ a one minute instrumental that brings a touch of the classic Iron Maiden epic intro’s to the fore – ‘Dawn Will Come Again’ exploding furiously into life with more speed, purpose and intent than either of the two songs heard up to this point! The pace of the album is stunning, Stormborn making a massive impact, probably one of the biggest impacts of the year so far – and there’s been plenty! The British outfit are in scintillating form, ‘Zenith’ powering on with the more hustle and bustle natured ‘Out In The Weird’. The heaviest and most mid tempo song on offer, Stormborn bring a little menace to the fore, ‘Out In The Weird’ stamping the ground hard, crumbling walls and reducing nearby buildings to rubble!

Entering the fray, ‘Serpentine’ is by far and away the most melodious song on the album, the infectious nature and immediate head bang ability is astounding, the band delivering an absolute peach of an anthem! And if anyone disagrees with me here, you ain’t a metaller – you’re a rocker! For ‘Serpentine’ conjures up the same sensation as a wet dream! And yes readers, you read that exactly right! There’s just no stopping Stormborn when they’re in this mood, galloping hard with a “get outta my way” attitude – and I suggest you do so, or risk getting trampled to death by the Kent metal machine! A machine that marches on with the old schooler ‘Death Incarnate’, resonating with a glorious eighties metal sound – and a lightning quick change of pace too! The band are fierce here, ferociously banging the heads of every single listener everywhere – ‘Zenith’ coming to an end with the longest song on offer by the proverbial country mile, ‘Echo’ clocking in at eight and three quarter minutes in length! And a remarkable change of attitude and ambience – out goes the pulsating power, heart pounding pace and sky high head bang ability! And in comes a staggering swagger of immense hymn-like proportions, an element of the progressive too, Stormborn delivering a show stopping finale with an anthemic style chorus that every listener, fan, follower and (ultimately) concert goer is gonna sing a long to!

Overall, a stunning head banger of an album with foot to the floor pace and power featuring a sky high infectious level.


Call Of The Void
Land Of The Servant King
Fear Of A Monster
The Unending Night
Dawn Will Come Again
Out In The Weird
Death Incarnate

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