SUICIDE BOMBERS Album Review: “All For The Candy”

“All For The Candy”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


SUiCiDE BOMBERS are a hard rock band from Norway formed in 2009 releasing five albums to date – ‘Criminal Record’ (2012), ‘The Sex Tapes’ (2015), ‘Suicide Idols’ (2017), ‘Murder Couture’ (2019), and ‘All For The Candy’ (2024)…

…featuring ten hard rocking, harder hitting glam come sleaze rock anthems! Or is that metal anthems? For the Norwegian outfit come storming outta Oslo with more muscle than Skid Row, Motley Crue and (early) W.A.S.P. combined – the bands new album an energetic and high octane ride with more twists, turns and thrills than the ThunderCoaster at TusenFryd! SUiCiDE BOMBERS are on fucking fire, gently easing listeners into ‘All For The Candy’ with the thirty second intro ‘Candy Girls Worldwide’ – a number of girls (or ladies) from around the world quoting the album title in their native language! And then BOOM – ‘Dynamite Playboys’ comes hurtling in at a hundred miles an hour! The band are striding tall, pounding the ground with an earth shuddering attitude, knocking every single listener flat on their back with an immense amount of force! And the bands sound – an amalgam of the aforementioned bands with extra energy and oodles of oomph!

The breath taking sit up and take notice opener, is complimented by the (albums) second song ‘Take It Off’, SUiCiDE BOMBERS maintaining ‘All For The Candy’s electrifying tour de force beginning! The power oozing from the opening brace is incredible, the Norwegian rockers pummelling everyone with an old school flavour – a flavour that’s immensely American in taste! But then why wouldn’t it be? After all, glam come sleaze come hair come hard rock and metal was invented in America, with bands all around the world taking on its emphatic battery! And even though SUiCiDE BOMBERS arrived thirty years after its thrilling emergence, the band are spot on with regards to sound and image – not to mention the overly sexual and innuendo laden lyrical content! Picking up pace and planting one foot firmly on the monitor of eighties heavy metal, ‘Tonight Belongs To Us’ is a galloping foray into metal territory – the genre hopping aspect of ‘Tonight Belongs To Us’ attracting fans of both rock and metal to the bands soundscape. ‘Out Of Love’ is the most bombastically hard rocking song heard so far, and is brought to you from right at the heart of the hard rock genre, the band standing tall and proud screaming to everyone “come and listen to us” – and listen you will, for SUiCiDE BOMBERS armed with their latest album are so fucking infectious!

And intoxicating too, the album storming on with the most up tempo offering so far – ‘You Better Believe It’ a bombastic barrage of hard rock oozing more power than gamma-ray bursts! Gamma-ray what I hear you all cry – well, gamma-ray bursts “are considered by astronomers to be the most powerful thing in the universe”. And all I can say to that is, those astronomers have never heard of SUiCiDE BOMBERS, let alone listened to the bands music – the title song ‘All For The Candy’ a rip roaring romp through an endless field of hard rock! Ever since ‘All For The Candy’ (the album) began, every listener has been treated to a wealth of incredible hard rock, the band and album pleasing every rocker and metaller to the point of eargasms! Yea, that’s right – eargasms, plural! For every song heard so far has been bursting with high octane energy strong enough to blow a big fucking hole through the centre of the planet! And with the biggest foot stomping attitude imaginable, ‘Caligulizer’ hits harder than a thousand wrecking balls in full flight – the band destroying the airways with total aplomb! Not to mention pizzazz, panache and perfection – the hard rock on offer phenomenally intense yet melodious!

The relentless pace of the album is incredible, and with no sign of it slowing down SUiCiDE BOMBERS stride on with more majestic grace then ever, ‘Videodrome 2049’ maintaining the stunning eighties flavour – a flavour that’s tasty and more-ish to the max! And if you’ve never heard the band before, boy are you in for a treat – I was a teenager during the eighties hard rock, glam and sleaze evolution listening to the likes of Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, Cinderella, Slaughter and Skid Row. Absolutely loving every minute of it, the same sensations I felt back then I’m feeling right now – the four piece from Oslo recreating a wondrous time from my past! And still with no sign of slowing down, ‘All For The Candy’ (the album) marches on with a more bolder approach courtesy of the heavy hitting ‘Last Call’ – pounding the ground so hard earthquakes are forming and volcanoes start to erupt! Every minute of the album has been explosive, energetic and eargasmic, it’s just a shame it all has to end! But it doesn’t have to – just press the replay button and go again! And again, as many times as you want – but before you do, there’s still one more song to go, ‘All For The Candy’s final hurrah ‘Where Time Always Goes’. And a major departure from the bands root hard rocking nature – the album brought to a close with a seven and a half minute stroll through soft rock, Grunge and a little of the melancholic style of rock! SUiCiDE BOMBERS are playing the experimental card here, ‘Where Time Always Goes’ stretching the bands musical horizon further than ever before, opening up their music to a much wider audience too. And the final word on the album goes to the French spoken eleven second outro ‘Fin De Cette Motherfucking Transmisson’ – enough said!

Overall, an energy driven heart pounding pulse racing romp of heavy hitting hard rock, ‘All For The Candy’ is highly infectious and massively more-ish.


Candy Girls Worldwide
Dynamite Playboys
Take It Off
Tonight Belongs To Us
Out Of Love
You Better Believe It
All For The Candy
Videodrome 2049
Last Call
Where Time Always Goes
Fine De Cette Motherfucking Transmission

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