THE GEMS Single Review: “Fruits Of My Labor”

“Fruits Of My Labor”
Single Review by Iron Mathew


The Gems are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2023 by three ex-members of fellow Swedish rockers Thundermother – singer Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and guitarist/bassist Mona Lindgren.

The bands highly anticipated debut album ‘Phoenix’ is set to be released shortly, but just before then, the Swedish rock sensations have released a fifth single – ‘Fruits Of My Labor’, following (the already released) ‘Like A Phoenix’, ‘Send Me To The Wolves’, ‘P.S.Y.C.H.O’, and ‘Undiscovered Paths’.

The Gems have teased and tantalised every listener, fan and follower since June last year with a string of breath taking single releases, creating a knee trembling anticipation level for the bands debut album…

…which is only days away now! But as a final teaser for what is surely gonna be one of the most anticipated album releases ever, The Gems release ‘Fruits Of My Labor’, the bluesiest of all the singles released. And in the fabulous shape of singer Guernica, the band have one of the best rock singers around at the moment.

Guernica has phenomenal vocal power, pushing her rock roar to incredible heights – and don’t even get me started on how sexy and sassy her voice is! We could be here a while!

So with all the teasing over, it’s now gonna be an agonising wait, albeit a very short wait, for the bands debut album to surface – featuring an incredible fifteen songs! Bear with me readers, I shall return soon.

Overall, a heavy hitting mid tempo bluesy stroll, ‘Fruits Of My Labor’ is a mesmerising slab of hard rock.


Fruits Of My Labor

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