TYRAN Album Review: “Tyran’s Oath”

“Tyran’s Oath”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Tyran are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2020 releasing their debut album ‘Tyran’s Oath’ in 2024…

…featuring nine songs across a blistering forty one minutes! And when I say blistering, I really mean red fucking hot – the band planting their feet firmly on the monitor, adopting the classic pose, and sound of traditional heavy metal. Tyran are an unrelenting metal machine, delivering unabashed and unadulterated heavy metal of the old school variety – album opener ‘Protectors Of Metal’ roaring into life with an insane amount of get up and go! Not to mention the lengthy “metal scream” – eat your heart out (Judas Priest’s) Rob Halford! The pace and power of ‘Protectors Of Metal’ is incredible, Tyran speeding down the autobahn at full throttle, banging the heads of every single metalhead on the fucking planet! What an absolutely barnstorming start!

A start that just gets fucking better with the all out heavy metaller ‘Bomber’ – and a mouthwatering guitar tone synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM sound. Tyran may be over four decades away from the glorious eighties, but by crikey the bands sound is a perfect fit! I was fortunate to have grown up (as a teenager) during the eighties listening to the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon shape the sound of heavy metal, and the two songs I’ve just heard are a phenomenal echo from that era – I reckon every metal traditionalist in the world is gonna go fucking mental for ‘Tyran’s Oath’. The album storms on with ‘Fists Of Iron’ pounding the ground hard, shaking walls and crumbling buildings into ruins – the band unrelenting in terms of pace and power. And the chorus break here too, sing a long-able or what! Tyran have made one hell of an impression with their debut album, and we’re only a third of the way through! Goosebumps aside, the feeling of excitement running through my veins is electric, ‘Assault’ charging forth with just as much, if not more energy than everything heard so far! The old school flavour on show is strong, very strong, and I’m loving every minute of it – as I’m sure you will too! After all, what’s there not to love? The classic sound of traditional heavy metal is in full stride, standing tall and proud right in the heart of heavy metal territory – territory I’ve lived in ever since I first heard Angel Witch (way back) in 1980!

19-fucking-80 eh! Am I really that old? Let’s not go there – let’s carry on with ‘Tyran’s Oath’ instead. Taking a sharp turn into the anthemic zone, Tyran echo the likes of Saxon and Manowar with the foot stomping ‘Thrill Of The Chase’ – stomping and punching harder than anything heard up to this point! ‘Thrill Of The Chase’ is mid tempo, power driven Judas Priest-esque heavy metal with immense intensity delivering a massive punch the air in delight mentality. And punch the air you will, for ‘Thrill Of The Chase’ is so fucking powerful, as is the entire album – an album that steams on at full tilt courtesy of ‘Highway Warriors’. With an exhilarating turn of speed, Tyran press the pedal firmly to the metal, pushing the level of head bang ability higher and higher! I really don’t know how high the head bang ability level can get, the German metallers reaching new and uncharted heights. And with ‘Strike Of The Whip’ the band just keep on rocking those heads back and forth – heads that have been rocking since the album began! Tyran are an unstoppable metal machine, ‘Strike Of The Whip’ maintaining the albums incredible get up and go, the band continuing to impress as the album rolls on and on.

Every song heard so far has been head bang-able to the max, Tyran delivering a weighty slice of foot on the monitor heavy metal to have every listener, fan and follower rioting in the streets – the band moving forth with the melodic metaller ‘Riot In The Streets’. I say melodic metaller, simply because ‘Riot In The Streets’ has that little bit extra which I can’t quite put my finger on! It’s like Tyran have upped the bar to a new dimension, taking on a forty year old sound and blending it with modern day nuances to produce a song that’s as attractive to metallers as it is to rockers! Kudos Tyran, kudos. ‘Tyran’s Oath’ is brought to a close with the title song ‘Tyran’s Oath’ – the band maintaining unbroken levels of intensity and head bang ability! And the meld of anthemic with mid tempo power driven heavy metal is jaw dropping, ‘Tyran’s Oath’ (the song) ending the album very much on a high. And let’s be honest here, ‘Tyran’s Oath’ (the album) has been one helluva high since it began!

Overall, a barnstorming and highly head bang-able album, ‘Tyran’s Oath’ is a full on, fist pumping heavy metal assault.


Protectors Of Metal
Fists Of Iron
Thrill Of The Chase
Highway Warriors
Strike Of The Whip
Riot In The Streets
Tyran’s Oath


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