VIOLET ETERNAL Album Review: “Reload The Violet”

“Reload The Violet”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Violet Eternal are an internationally based melodic power metal band formed in 2023 releasing the bands debut album ‘Reload The Violet’ in 2024.

Founded by guitarist Jien Takahashi (Heaven’s Tragedy, Majustice) and vocalist Ivan Giannini (Derdian, Vision Divine, Artaban’s Redemption), Violet Eternal features bassist Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, Marco Garau’s Magic Opera), guitarist Andrea Cappellari (Nekomata, ex Skeletoon), along with a host of guest musicians – guitarist Takao (Minstrelix), guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian (Immortal Guardian), keyboardist Yuhki (Ark Storm, Galneryus, Alhambra), drummer Ryuya (Heaven’s Tragedy), and songwriter Timo Tolkki (ex Stratovarius, ex Revolution Renaissance, ex Timo Tolkki’s Avalon).

‘Reload The Violet’ is ten songs and forty minutes of blistering power and pace, Violet Eternal setting new land speed records as the album scorches the earth with incredible intensity, but first the band tease and tantalise with the one and a half minute crescendo building intro ‘The Titans’. And with tension and anticipation levels at fever pitch, ‘The Echoes Of Time’ comes hurtling in at a hundred fucking miles an hour! The speed here is absolutely red hot, burning rubber faster than “kings of extreme speed metal” DragonForce – the British power metallers renowned for their blistering pace and precision. Are DragonForce about to be de-crowned by Violet Eternal? Well it’s a little too early at the moment to be sure, for ‘Reload The Violet’ has only just begun – the album powering forth with the harder hitting, but nonetheless melodious ‘Now And Forever’. The band drop a gear here, planting one foot firmly on the traditional heavy metal monitor to meld an old school eighties sound with the bands power metal roots.

Dropping another gear and introducing a mighty groove metal feel, ‘Ember Flame’ takes an even more melodious path than ‘Now And Forever’ – although the heavy hitting and fairly punchy nature of ‘Ember Flame’ is startling, especially as Violet Eternal continually switch from all out power metal to a thunderous mid tempo stomp and one hell of a melodic march! The meld of styles here is eclectic, the band criss-crossing borders with absolute ease – ‘Under The Violet Sun’ assuming the classic sound of European power metal. The intensity of the album since it began has been full on, Violet Eternal romping across the land with boundless energy, all the while thoroughly enjoying themselves – I know I am, the enjoyment level pouring outta ‘Reload The Violet’ is all consuming, turning frowns upside down and broadening the smiles on the faces of every listener to maximum width! And adopting a more majestic and elegant approach, ‘Land Of The Golden Sun’ emanates a slight anthemic feel, the band maintaining their wide ranging assault of differing metal styles, yet remaining firmly and squarely in heavy metal territory.

And as ‘Reload The Violet’ marches on, the enjoyment level rises even higher, ‘Never Surrender’ the most happy sounding song heard so far – I defy anyone not to be grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat right now! The attraction of this album is immense, every song heard up to this point is gonna drive an in concert crowd absolutely wild, not to mention what it’s gonna do to all the head bangers around the world! So come on readers, raise your fists high and punch the air hard to salute a cracking power metal romp, ‘Heartless’ maintaining the bands high energy debut – a debut that’s gonna send shockwaves around the entire planet, Violet Eternal a new name in the power metal arena making one hell of an entrance!

Blistering speed makes a stunning return as ‘Over The Sorrow’ explodes into life with all the ferocity of a rocket taking off – the pace and power shooting right off the fucking charts! Yet the bands incredibly melodious streak remains perfectly intact – a streak that began as soon as the band pressed the pedal to the metal for ‘The Echoes Of Time’. The exhilaration of ‘Reload The Violet’ is absolutely phenomenal, many listeners reaching for the oxygen as they’re left totally breathless by the international outfit! And bringing a very good album to a close, Violet Eternal remain in top gear, racing on with the super speedy ‘Sonata Black’ – and one final attempt to wrest the “kings of extreme speed metal” crown from DragonForce. But the crown will remain with the British metallers (for now), for while Violet Eternal have exhibited some breath taking power and speed, only three of the ten songs on offer reach the level required to claim the crown.

Overall, a fast paced and immensely infectious power metal gallop, ‘Reload The Violet’ is full to the brim with enjoyment and head bang ability.


The Titans
The Echoes Of Time
Now And Forever
Ember Flame
Under The Violet Sun
Land Of Golden Sun
Never Surrender
Over The Sorrow
Sonata Black

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