WALK WITH TITANS Album Review: “Olympian Dystopia”

“Olympian Dystopia”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Walk With Titans are a power metal band from Canada formed in 2019, releasing their debut album ‘Olympian Dystopia’ in 2023…

…featuring ten songs surrounding Greek mythology, all played out over fifty epic, glorious, and magical minutes – the band in formidable form, launching the album with the majestic march of ‘Herakles’, quickly turning on its heels to become a foraging foray of fast paced “foot on the monitor” styled power come traditional metal. ‘Herakles’ is a meld of two of my favourite three genres of metal, Walk With Titans shunning their country’s more usual thrash metal stance – and it’s thrash that makes my favourite three.

And with a blistering energy boost, the band roar loudly with ‘Edge Of Time’ – a ferociously fast gallop destined to vigorously bang heads, the chorus a gloriously sing a long affair to keep the listeners hooked. Not that listeners need much hooking, the opening double salvo has been highly engaging, turning heads wherever they’re played and heard. Keeping their sound aligned with the European style of power metal, Walk With Titans stride on with the flighty ‘Gods Of The Pantheon’, wandering through power metal land with head held high and a “listen to me” attitude. And listen you will, for ‘Gods Of The Pantheon’ is immensely melodic and highly infectious, not letting listeners off the hook for a single second. ‘As Titans Fall’ sees the return of blistering speed, the band raging like a firestorm – red hot with a fiery trail of smoke billowing in their wake! ‘As Titans Fall’ does slow down over the chorus break, displaying a progressive metal feel not heard previously. A progressive power metal feel that is simply sublime, and a very good fit. As are the five piece band too – every member having played in bands previously, bringing a wealth of experience to the new venture!

Picking up the pace and power once again, ‘Lost Ways’ is a ferocious gallop of all out power metal to head bang and raise your fists high in the air to. The fastest song heard so far, ‘Lost Ways’ is very much European in sound, Walk With Titans preferring a style of metal that is four thousand miles away, rather than their border neighbours America, and America’s muscular style of metal. Not that it’s a bad thing – hell no! It’s just an observation – ‘Final Dawn’ heavying things up to portray a more “heavy metal” sound than heard so far, yet the bands vocalist definitely has a range perfectly suited to power metal. ‘Olympian Dystopia’ most assuredly sits firmly and squarely in power metal territory, the red hot pace of ‘Gift Of Fire’ setting the album alight! The pace is fierce, causing heads to rock back and forth at a faster rate than at any other time up to this point. The band are in full flight here, planting smiles a mile wide on the faces of every listener, fan and follower, attracting fans of both heavy, and power metal to the bands soundscape.

And maybe a few hard rockers too, for we all know how infectious the melodious side of power metal is – Walk With Titans maintaining a high level of intensity and head bang ability with the most melodic song heard so far, ‘Lost Paradise’ a traditional metaller featuring the iconic gallop of old school metal coupled with a sing a long-able chorus to die for. Concert goers are absolutely gonna love this one, and provided the band play it live, what an in concert moment that’s gonna be! And as the album powers into its final furlong, ‘Seven Against Thebes’ displays a clean pair of heels, sprinting into the distance leaving only scorch marks in its wake! The pace is phenomenal, the head bang ability off the fucking charts, Walk With Titans delivering a head bangers dream! Bringing the album to a close – an album that hasn’t featured a ballad in any way shape or form (unusual for a modern day power metal album, but not unheard of, so fair play to the band) – ‘Eurydice’ is a final hurrah of pace and power, one last chance for every single metalhead in the world to head bang furiously, before pressing the replay button and listening to the album again.

Overall, a metal gallop of pace, power, and head bang ability, massively melodious and immensely infectious.


Edge of Time
Gods of the Pantheon
As Titans Fall
Lost Ways
Final Dawn
Gift of Fire
Lost Paradise
Seven Against Thebes


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