PAUL DI’ANNO’S WARHORSE E.P. Review: “Stop The War”

“Stop The War”
E.P. Review by Iron Mathew


Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse are a Croatian based heavy metal band formed in 2021, releasing their debut E.P. ‘Stop The War’ in 2024.

Founded by Rapid Strike guitarists Hrvoje Madiraca and Ante Pupacic Pupi, and former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno (Battlezone, Killers), Warhorse are set to return the glorious sound and spirit of old school heavy metal to the fore – and with an album and tour lined up for 2024, my money’s on the band doing just that! But making a start right here, right now, Warhorse have just released the three song E.P. ‘Stop The War’…

…opening with the E.P.’s title song ‘Stop The War’. Now just before I get into it properly, I first heard Paul Di’Anno sing over forty years ago when he fronted legendary metallers Iron Maiden, his voice a unique blend of snarling grit and a throaty growl! And even after four decades, Paul’s unique blend is still there, roaring louder and more menacingly than I can ever remember – I’ve always said that one of his best vocal performances was on the Killers debut album ‘Murder One’ (released in 1992), this performance here damn near matches that one!

And as for ‘Stop The War’ (the song) – old school heavy metal has never sounded so fucking good! The band are firing on all cylinders to deliver the classic gallop of traditional heavy metal, the relentless guitar chug rhythmically rocking heads back and forth. And the chant style chorus “stop, stop, stop, stop the war” is just fucking gorgeous, everyone everywhere screaming it out loud in support of anyone who is against the barbarity of war. And in support of the band too, who have created one helluva rabble rousing call to arms anthem that every listener, fan, follower and (ultimately) concert goer are gonna sing along to.

With just three songs on offer, Warhorse needed to make a huge impact, and immediately – the band doing just that with more force and energy than the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs over sixty five million years ago! The E.P. picks up pace with ‘Warhorse’ thundering forth with immense head bang ability, the menacing vocals remaining high in the mix along with a mighty melodious edge which is gonna whet (not just) the appetites of everyone for the bands debut full length album – due out later this year! Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for it!

The third and final song on offer ‘The Doubt Within’, is the heaviest out of the three, foot stomping its way across the land, shuddering the ground and shaking buildings to their foundations. Menace and a sharp melodic edge make for a journey of contrasting metal styles, Warhorse mixing it up to show they’re not just another band living in the past! Yes they may possess a sound from the past, but it’s a near fifty year old sound that’s as prevalent now as it was “back in the day”. And I for one fucking love it – where’s the queue start for the bands album, I wanna be right at the front!

Overall, a red hot scorching barrage of galloping heavy metal, highly head bang-able and incredibly infectious.


Stop The War
The Doubt Within

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