XT Album Review: “Revived – Standing For Jesus Christ”

Album Review by Chris Palmer


XT is a Melodic Hard Rock band which hails from Sweden. Originally formed in 1991, the band only lasted for four years before disappearing from the scene. A reformation occured in 2017 which saw the band release its fourth full-length album, “Saved By The Blood”, which received good reviews across the board.

The band, consisting of Björn Stigsson [Guitars, Keyboards, Moog Taurus, Backing vocals]; Sonny Larsson [Vocals]; Danne Tibell [Hammond & keyboards]; Peter Carlsohn [Bass]; and Thomas Weinesjö [Drums], released its latest album “Revived – Standing For Jesus Christ” in April of this year. As the title suggests, XT offers a strong Christian message through its music, but keeps social consciousness present as well. XT called this new album “Revived…” because, the material within was selected from the band’s first three records and was recorded again with the current line-up. Therefore, even though there’s no actual new songs, the band does consider this album to be a collection of new material – The perfect introduction for those who haven’t heard of XT then…

Being a devoted Christian myself, XT grabbed my attention immediately when the promo email landed in my inbox. However, for the purposes of this website and our readers, I shall do my very best to provide an honest, non-biased review of this album.

“Revived – Standing For Jesus Christ” contains twelve tracks and runs for 49 minutes, 43 seconds. To be honest, I was a little sceptical of this album upon first listen. Time, however, is a great virtue, and the music within does grow on you if you allow it to. In fairness, this is a good, consistent record of Melodic Hard Rock… A sound that Sweden seems to be excelling at.

Album opener, “The Rock In My Life”, launches straight for you with a flurry of synths, guitar riffs and rhythmic drums that’ll have you nodding along to immediately. “Standing For JC” swiftly follows and what a rocker it is! Two songs in and I’m already hooked on Sonny’s vocals as he puts on a fine display, hitting those high notes with ease. “The Silent Cry” rocks from start to finish and contains some brilliant guitar-play/solos that’ll bring a smile to your face. The same can be said of the excellent “Got Love” and its powerful choruses that have an ability to bring light into the darkness.

“The Battle” chugs along with a heavy rhythm as XT sing about the battle between the mind and heart, a battle which all Christians can relate to. “Call Your Name” bursts into life amidst powerful drums, guitars and those wonderful sounding keyboards, before “I Want Love” blasts forth with a powerful scream from Sonny. Meanwhile, “On The Run” contains a riff that’ll have you banging your head from beginning to end.

The pace is kept alive as “Looking For Love” flies by, leading you straight into “Face To Face”, which tends to slow proceedings down. Penultimate number, “Can’t Live Without You”, is a powerful track with heavy riffs that begs to be repeated before “One Way To Heaven” closes the album in style.

“Revived – Standing For Jesus Christ” is a cracking album chock full of Melodic Hard Rock. The album is full of classic songs that have a feel-good factor about them. There’s variety and catchiness throughout, as well as some terrific guitar-play and solos from Björn. I love the keyboards throughout, and the vocals are thoroughly enjoyable. Everything is driven forward by the powerful rhythm section of Peter and Thomas.

The lyrical content is obviously aimed at the Christian faith and I don’t have a problem with that at all. In fact, I happily embrace it with open arms. For those non-believers, however, this might be an instant turn off, and it shouldn’t be. The music alone is a fantastic listening experience and deserves to be heard. As I said previously, the album offers melodies and variety, and when the music rocks, it rocks big! So, please check XT out, you won’t be disappointed and, who knows what future path you’ll end up taking…


The Rock In My Life
Standing For JC
The Silent Cry
Got Love
The Battle
Call Your Name
I Want Love
On The Run
Looking For Love
Face To Face
Can’t Live Without You
One Way To Heaven


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