ZED Album Review: “Volume”

Album Review by Charles Chapman


Y’know when you get to a point in your day/week/month/year/life when you fancy listening to a band that just have that certain something. You can’t be bothered with any fancy shit and you just want some music that gets straight to the point and hits you like a stripped down rat-rod loudly cruising it’s way through the town. Well Zed’s new album “Volume” is just that. It’s a welcomed V8 amongst 16 valves.

With this album there is no bullshit. It’s just pure rockin’ with that all important bluesy feel. These songs sound like instead of taking influence from other bands, they have taken it from their lives.

When you hit play on track one, you are instantly hit and sucked in and you get this feeling that you just want it to go on forever. Y’know, like when you listen to Jimi Hendrix or Soundgarden they manage to transfer their feelings through the music. If those guys kept playing, you’d listen and Zed have managed to create something that does the same.

Production wise, it’s perfect. Everything sounds great. The subtle use of extra percussion in “Hollow Men” is spot on, each riff is fat and groovy with tonnes of personality and vocalist Pete Sattari matches the dynamics perfectly keeping you not just listening but interested. Which is a hard thing for a vocalist to do nowadays.

To summarise, “Volume” by Zed is a great album. It’s a chopped Harley Davidson amongst Yamaha sport bikes. And lets be honest, those Yamahas will never be as cool as a Harley chopper.

Next time you’re at a party or in your mates car, hi-jack the sound system and whack this album on. You’ll be thanked for it.

They lose points for their songs not going on forever so they don’t get 11 out of 10. They just get a measly 10.

Stand out tracks: Just play the whole thing! It’s worth it. It deserves to be listened to from start to finish in all its glory.


1. The Other Kind
2. The End
3. Wings of the Angel
4. Hollow Men
5. Take Me Home Again
6. Chingus
7. Poison Tree
8. The Great Destroyer
9. Time & Space
10. The Troubador


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